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One Life to Live Recap: Shine The Light


Editor's Note: Recap for episode aired Friday, June 10.

Nora:  I’m not letting anyone take Matthew’s heart!  They’ll have to cut mine out first!

Bo realizes Matthew shares Clint’s blood type as Nora rounds the corner and wonders who he and Rex are discussing.  Bo fills her in on Clint and she feels badly for him until the parallel dawns on her.  She completely flips out, mistaking Bo’s correlation as his desire to sacrifice Matthew, until Rex interjects that the entire conversation was his doing.  She orders Bo to not even utter “a whisper” about donating Matthew’s organs while he is still alive.  As Bo holds Nora, she apologizes to Rex, who insists she hold out for a miracle.  After Nora heads back to Matthew’s room, Rex reveals that he’s getting married.  He worries that the timing is inopportune, but Bo insists family and friends deserve happy news for a change and he wishes them well.

At Matthew’s bedside, Nora promises she will continue to fight for him and is surprised when he seemingly squeezes her hand.  Bo and Dr. Doom enter, and Nora beams while she examines Matthew.  Unfortunately, there’s no dilatory response and the “squeezing” was simply an involuntary reflex, no exceptions.  Nora breaks down, unable to understand because Matthew’s plight is so “random and pointless.”  Dr. Doom believes it’s cruel, but it doesn’t have to be meaningless. She again urges Bo and Nora to let Matthew go, specifically to save Clint (after initiating an egregious organ donation discussion with Dr. Gangemi.)

Starr and Destiny return from the cafeteria and Destiny ends up throwing up in the bathroom.  She thinks it’s just a bad burrito, but Starr suggests two alternatives: stress or... pregnancy?  Destiny balks; she and Matthew used protection and she’s just a kid herself.  Starr reminds her that Destiny is older than Starr was when she conceived Hope.  Later, Destiny relives the conversation, clearly anxious.

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Original Todd is skulking around the grounds of La Boulaie when he spies Sam carrying a tray of food out to the pool.  When Sam runs back inside, he devours the lunch and reads The Sun.

Jack thinks he’s making a fool out of Shane, and is giddy about crafting a more elaborate trap.  Brad is game, but he worries that they need to be careful and discreet.  Sam busts them, and when Jack shoos him away, Sam demands a payoff before stomping on Jack’s broken toe and running away.  Brad laughs, but when he suggests they lock up Sam, Jack applies the comment to his bullying.  Later, he decides it’s time for “total retaliation” against Shane.

Sam and OT scare each other, both questioning who the other is (“I’m the kid whose food you ate.”)  Sam decides OT is homeless, and because Aunt Dorian always encourages helping the homeless, he gives up his soda to his new friend.  As they soak their feet, OT asks Sam who the man on the newspaper is; it’s Sam’s dad, Todd Manning.  OT asks about Sam’s mother, but before he can answer, they hear Starr and OT hides.  He watches through the trellis, overcome at the sight of Starr.

John visits Kelly, who’s preparing to head home from the hospital.  She decides to officially end things because they’re both in love with others and they need to let those relationships play out one way or another.  She wants to be friends, but John is averse, though he does offer her a knight in shining armor in the future and a ride home in the present. 

As Dr. Gangemi informs Clint that he now only has a few days at best, a newly discharged Natalie (because she bounces!) and Joey arrive, per Clint’s summons.  Clint enjoys hearing about the little ones, but growing emotional, he asks his children to stick close together because he’s dying.  Natalie and Joey are beside themselves and they admonish Clint for keeping quiet, but they refuse to allow him to give up.  His dying wish is that they pursue the people they love (John and Kelly).  Although Natalie and Joey take responsibility, Clint feels they lost out because of him and he warns them against wasting any more time.

At La Boulaie, Kelly realizes she forgot her laptop at the hospital, and John offers to retrieve it.  A distracted Joey arrives, blurting that Clint is dying, and Kelly embraces him.

After the emotional rollercoaster, Natalie runs into Rex.  She congratulates him on his impending wedding, but encourages him to make peace with Clint or he’ll forever regret it.  Her belief in their father inspires Rex to actually make an effort.  Meanwhile, Natalie bumps into John.

Shane fills in Gigi on Jack’s lame fake-girl attempt, and they bond over Jack’s comic book naiveté.  Gigi decides to go kick butt, but Shane begs her not to; he must stand up for himself or give up.  The semantics concern Gigi, but Shane promises they’re just words; he’s okay.  Gigi suggests calling out Jack on his duplicity and then ignoring him, and Shane agrees before getting ready for the wedding.  Later, Shane is ready to hop into the limo, but Gigi claims she messed up her makeup and sends Shane ahead with Rex’s tie, promising to meet them at City Hall.  Gigi engages “ComicGirl15” until she receives a time and place, vowing to end the bullying once and for all.