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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: A Baby is Born!

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Amber/Liam/Hope/Oliver: Ms. Moore finally has the bundle of joy she's always wanted. Things don't go as planned for Amber, however. She has the baby before Carl can tell her who the father is! Meanwhile, an unknowing Liam busts in on Oliver popping the question to Hope right before she answers. Liam and Hope go on high alert when Oliver slips up and says something about Amber. The two wonder just how well Oliver really knows Amber.

Bill/Katie: Mr. and Mrs. Spencer rejoice.


Brooke/Ridge/Taylor: Logan pulls a selfless act by informing Ridge he needs to be with Taylor. Doc tells Stephanie all about Brooke letting Ridge go.

Thomas: The Forrester heir flips when he hears about his parents being back together. Steffy is shocked by her brother's attitude unaware he is the cause of their father's marriage going up in flames. The guilt eats away at Thomas. Will he decide to come clean?

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