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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



A lot of dialogue from the Spencer boys today.  It’s always hard to paraphrase a recap on days like that. 

Lucky tells Luke he thought he was helping, but realized he was punishing his father too hard. He needs Luke to understand how much he needs him.  Luke blows Lucky off, saying he’s not interested in anything Lucky has to say.  Lucky admits he latched onto his father’s drinking when he lost Jake and forced the recovery onto his father. However, he loves Luke and needs him in his life, as do Lulu, Ethan and Tracy.  He asks Luke to come home. 

Luke wonders what he’d be coming home to. He feels Lucky doesn’t know who he really is, but has an idea of who he wants his father to be.  Luke says he’s not a hero, but a lousy husband and father against his will.  He tried to make a clean exit, but Lucky had to hunt him down. To make things crystal clear, Luke tells his son he’s not going home. 

Lucky understands his father is angry with him, but he’s not giving up.  Luke says everyone is trying to change him, which Lucky denies, but Luke says this is who he is.  Luke tells Lucky he never wanted to be a father or have responsibility, but he met Laura and fell in love.  He informs his son that he’s going to live until he dies and no one will slow him down.

Lucky asks if his father is through with him. He's sorry he interrupted Luke’s beautiful life, but Lulu and Ethan don’t deserve that.  Luke says he regrets running down Jake and causing Lucky and Liz so much pain, but now he’s beyond redemption and it’s liberated him. 

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Lucky is shocked that his father feels happy that killing Jake liberated him, but Luke points out that he can never be forgiven. He's irredeemable and done with everything and everyone.

Kristina is angry that her parents showed up and reminds them she’s an adult and can do as she pleases.  Ethan explains that he’s there for a divorce and has only been keeping Kris safe.  Alexis wonders about their sleeping arrangement, but both explain that Ethan spent the night on the couch.  Ethan signs the papers and gets his divorce.  Kristina claims she’s flying back home with him, but they all end up on Sonny’s jet. 

Sonny claims Kristina isn’t making the right decisions, so he’s taking that right away from her.  Kris points out all the bad decisions her father has made, including exploiting girls her age to strip. She also reminds him that if people don’t do as Sonny wants, he has them killed.  Sonny feels Ethan is taking advantage of her and that makes him a coward.  Ethan angrily says he’s not a coward, and explains that all he did was try to keep her safe. Ethan informs Sonny that he’ll continue to see Kris when he pleases. 

Lisa summons Anthony to the apartment to update him on her plan and ask for a few things.  He’s not happy at being summoned, but she reminds him that her plan will distract everyone, so he put his plot into motion.  Anthony agrees to help Lisa with her revenge. 

Patrick and Coleman discuss Lisa.  Coleman claims he misses her, but Patrick wonders how he didn’t notice her craziness, since she wasn’t like that in college.  Coleman thinks Patrick was flattered by Lisa’s attention, but Patrick claims he’s a different man now and Robin is the only woman for him. He would never betray her again. When Robin shows up and wonders what the boys are talking about, Coleman complains about Kate and commitment. Robin points out that fidelity is a big deal and if he’s going to say it, he has to mean it. 

Lisa, in a dark wig, watches them from across the room.  One of Anthony’s men brings her a gun. 

Anthony runs into Brenda on the docks and makes a big deal about her being a model. Brenda eats it up, until Anthony starts talking about Sonny and introduces himself.  Brenda brings up Claudia, and Anthony claims Sonny used his daughter, turned on her and made her snap.  Anthony asks where Brenda’s guards are and thinks their absence is a lack of judgment on Sonny’s part. He hopes she doesn’t end up like Claudia.  

On the flight back to PC, Lucky tries to explain to Siobhan what happened with Luke.  Lucky remembers the good times as a child and knows that all changed when they settled down in Port Charles.  Lucky’s anger is directed at the house Laura loved, and he wishes they’d never laid eyes on it. 

Hooker Lupe returns to the room, and finds Luke playing with a gun.  He tells her he never wanted to be a father, because of his father, but admits that loving Lucky was the easiest thing he’s ever done because Lucky wasn’t like him, he was better.  He allows Lupe to take the gun from him, as he continues to tell her how he taught Lucky all of his survival skills.  Then, everything changed once he got into a car and killed Lucky’s son. Luke feels he put Lucky in an impossible position of forgiving him by accidentally killing his son. Now, he's taken out Lucky’s heart and stomped on it, to free him of his father.