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One Life to Live Recap: Hello, Goodbye

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John:  I shouldn’t have kissed you. … ‘Cause it makes me wanna do it again.

John finds Natalie crying and she admits that Clint is dying.  Clint gives her unconditional love and acceptance, and losing him devastates her.  John encourages her not to give up, and she confesses that after finding out, she wanted to talk to her best friend, meaning John.  She thinks they shared a moment after John found Liam, and he admits that he felt the same.  Their closeness leads to a kiss, but John quickly backs off.  He has tried to understand her betrayal, and sometimes he even does, but he can never get past it.  Natalie realizes their relationship is truly over, but she’s comforted when John vows that he doesn’t hate her.

Viki and Brody are at St. Ann’s to check on the success of the ECT.  Unfortunately, it failed and Tess remains, to the giddiness of an eavesdropping nun aka Ford in a habit.  Tess will have to face repeated treatments to effect a change and Dr. Leven asks for Viki’s permission; Brody is willing, but Viki’s adamantly opposed.  Brody fears they may never get Jessica back.

Ford makes himself known to Tess, but he’s forced to duck out of Tess’ cell when Viki and Brody enter.  Brody vows that he will never stop loving Jessica, but so long as Tess is dominant, he must say goodbye.  Later, after the coast is clear, Ford returns and confesses his love to Tess.

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Dr. Doom tosses around the idea of donating Matthew’s heart to Clint, but Nora patently refuses to kill her son.  So long as he’s clinically alive, she will fight for him.  Once Dr. Doom leaves, Nora decides that Clint is a vulture, circling Matthew for a harvest.  Bo plays Devil’s Advocate, insisting they have to do what’s right for Matthew while taking into consideration what he would want, and Matthew loves his uncle. 

Rex informs Clint of his impending wedding, and Clint accuses Rex of trying to snake his way into Clint’s will, citing Rex’s prior verbal assault as an active effort to send Clint to his grave.  Rex is marrying the woman he loves because it’s good for his son, something Clint should understand.  He promises that Clint missed out on getting to know Shane and Gigi before it was too late, but now, Clint is dead to Rex regardless.

Bo sits with Matthew as Viki checks in.  She holds Bo’s hand as he laments that there’s no change, but Matthew is a viable donor for Clint.  Meanwhile, Nora storms into Clint’s room, yelling that he’s out of his mind if he thinks he’s going to benefit from Matthew’s tragedy.

Over the phone, Gigi reassures Shane that she’ll be at the courthouse shortly.  Roxy arrives, and mistakenly believes Gigi is dressed for a shindig Roxy is throwing for Natalie.  Gigi admits she and Rex are having a quiet wedding, and Roxy is offended that she wasn’t invited.  She badgers Gigi into letting her be the maid of honor, but Gigi insists they’re getting married with no bells and whistles.  Roxy believes she needs some tradition, and when she presents Gigi with the recorder as something old, new, borrowed, and blue (the tape label), Gigi is shocked to recognize it as Marty’s.  She sends Roxy to the courthouse; Gigi will be there following a quick errand.

Shane is surprised when Roxy shows up at City Hall.  She asks about his issues with Jack, and when he promises he’s handling the bullies, Roxy beams with pride.  She worried she was going to lose her place in his life with Echo’s entrance, but Shane insists that would never happen; she’s Roxy!  After Rex literally slides into the courthouse, they all wonder where the bride is.

Jack, Brad, and a female friend enter a vacant rental property that belongs to Brad’s dad.  They finalize their trap, hide in the basement and turn on loud music to lure “Shane.”  Gigi calls out, and though Brad laughs that “Shane” sounds like a girl, they push on.  Once Gigi gets downstairs, Jack and Co. mistake her for Shane, thanks to a hooded raincoat.  Jack pushes her into a windowless room, locks the door, and installs a chair under the knob. 

Outside, Jack has a brief flash of remorse, but when Brad baits him about wimping out, his macho posturing returns and they leave the scene.  Gigi spies a generator, which she flips on before plugging in a lamp.  She finds a metal nail file in her purse, but her escape attempt is unsuccessful.  Without any cell signal, she’s trapped in a room with a generator leaking poisonous carbon monoxide.

Original Todd hides behind the trellis and remembers Starr as a child as Starr wonders what Sam is doing.  Sam says he was hanging out with a homeless man with “a line on his face,” and Starr is concerned.  When she looks for the hobo, however, she sees no one and determines that Sam simply made up a friend.