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The View Tackles Tracy Morgan Homophobia Drama

The women of The View discussed comedian Tracy Morgan's vile, homophobic rant at a comedy club in Nashville recently, as part of their Hot Topics segment on Monday. Per usual, Whoopi Goldberg was the Defender in Chief, saying "but for the grace of God there go all of us." Okay, so Whoopi is saying everyone is just five seconds away from choosing to say the most heinous things imaginable about a group of people, all for the sakes of shiz and giggles?


Sherri Shepherd, who plays Morgan's wife on Tina Fey's sitcom 30 Rock,made the point that because of Morgan's antics his costars and bosses were negatively impacted. Fellow comedian Joy Behar called his statements on homosexuality being a.) a choice and b.) taught by the media, "ignorant". Barbara Walters was visibly disgusted by Morgan's remarks and said cloaking bigotry under the guise of "comedy" wasn't always acceptable. Haven't wanted to say this in a long time but, go Babs! Watch the clip below.

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There is absolutely nothing funny about a public figure (or anyone else for that matter) saying he'd stab his son to death if he found out he was gay. I totally believe in a comic's right to be politely incorrect and am fans of many such comedians, the late Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers, etc. but to spout off such vitriol when gay teen suicides are at an all-time high is disgusting and irresponsible.


What if a "comedian" who stars on a hit sitcom watched by millions, said black people should still be lynched, while working out his routine at a comedy club? Would Goldberg be as okay with remarks like that, all in the sake of "comedy"? How about if one of Goldberg's fellow, highly-paid court jesters made off-color remarks about the Holocaust, or the victims of 9/11 as part of his or her routine? Sometimes, "he made a mistake" just doesn't cut it.

 For his part, Morgan has issued the all-too-familiar apologies, plans to go meet with gay teens and blah, blah, blah, but from where I'm blogging, Tracy Morgan is now in the same category with Mel Gibson and Michael Richards.

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