All My Children's Debbi Morgan On Cancellation: "I Wasn't Really Surprised"


All My Children dynamo Debbi Morgan chewed the fat with TV Guide'sMichael Logan about how she heard her sudser got the axe.

TV Guide Magazine: Were you on the set the day the ax came down, or did you hear it second hand?

Morgan: That was a Thursday morning and I was on a plane flying back home to Maryland at 8 a.m. When I landed, I turned on my cell phone and had dozens and dozens of text messages. I'm like, "What the hell?" I open one, and it's from my makeup artist at AMC saying, "Debbi, I cannot stop crying!" I'm thinking, "Oh, my goodness, what happened? I hope she didn't lose her job." Then I walk out of the terminal and my husband is driving up. He gets out of the car before I can check the next text and grabs me and says, "Are you OK? I didn't know how you would take the news." I'm like, "Huh? What are you talking about?" And he says, "The show. You know your show got cancelled, don't you?" I couldn't believe it! I was, like, "What the F?" But I guess I wasn't really surprised.

The actress tells Logan she had a feeling ABC was pulling the plug on the show since they never denied a thing, while the rumors were swirling in the press. Morgan also discussed rumors she will take up residence on The Young and the Restless' Genoa City.

TV Guide Magazine: But according to Deadline.com you have your next gig all lined up. You're moving to one of the Sony soaps — The Young and the Restless or Days of Our Lives. Or so they say.

Morgan: I don't know where that rumor got started. There are also rumors that Susan [Lucci] is going to Desperate Housewives.

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