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One Life to Live Recap: Fight For Your Life

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Gigi:  Dear God, please, please... please let me be a mother to my son!  And let me be a wife, please, to the man I love!

Gigi finds herself trapped.  She’s unsuccessful in prying open the door, but she remains strong until she sees the carbon monoxide warning on the generator.  She scrambles to plug the leaky vent with tissues and her scarf, and when she fails, she begins to panic and begs God for help.  She spies the tape recorder, and fearing death, decides to record a message for Rex and Shane and name Jack as her attacker.  When she presses play, however, she hears Marty’s confession and determines that she can’t erase it for Natalie’s sake.  Before she can leave her own elegy, Gigi collapses and slips into unconsciousness.

Jack shores up his alibi by making a convenient appearance at the police station to check on Todd.  That doesn’t stop him, however, from gloating to Brad over the phone that “Wheezy must be wheezing by now.”

Tea warns John that he’s reached his time limit on holding Todd.  She doesn’t believe Todd would help Marty, nor would Marty seek assistance from Todd, but John has no proof anyway.  Later, Todd teases that he has information that will rock John’s world, but he demands immunity first.  John scoffs, so Todd mercilessly taunts him about losing out on being Liam’s father.

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After wondering what’s keeping Gigi, Rex is surprised by Roxy’s inclusion, but he’s happy to have her there and he agrees when she insists she’s real family.  Roxy fills them in about the recorder, and Rex realizes it may be Marty’s session tape.  As they grow concerned, Jack arrives and is shocked to find Shane at the courthouse.  Although Jack plays dumb, Shane outs him as “ComicGirl15” and in a surprising fit of intelligence, Rex determines that Jack’s surprise at seeing Shane is telling, and he pieces together that Gigi must have engaged “ComicGirl15” and fell into a trap.  When Tea shows up, Rex hijacks her laptop to find gets the address of the vacant property.  As Rex races to find Gigi, Shane attacks Jack for potentially hurting his mother.

At Llanfair, Natalie confesses to Brody that Clint is dying and his wish is for her to be with John, but even though they kissed, they are truly over.  Brody admits he can’t hold up his end of the deal to not give up either, because at St. Ann’s, he realized Jessica is likely a lost cause.  He shocks Natalie with his decision to move out, but he no longer feels like he belongs.  Natalie wonders about her and Liam, and they decide they will be good and effective co-parents, albeit from separate locations.  They will greatly miss each other, but when Brody kisses Natalie’s cheek to say goodbye, they fall into a more passionate embrace.

Ford and Tess admit they’re in love.  They were warned by James and Bess, but they don’t care because in their warped world, Tess is real and no one can tell them differently.  Ford lures the legally-blind nun into Tess’ cell, and once she’s there, they assault her, strip her, tie her up in the straight-jacket, gag her, and then steal her habit.  To celebrate, they laugh when she struggles, make out mere feet away, and then escape and leave her behind.

Nora storms into Clint’s room and blasts him for angling to have Matthew’s plug pulled.  She thinks he’s playing dumb, but Clint is genuinely clueless.  Nora fills him in on Matthew’s condition, and Clint is stricken.  She’s adamant that Matthew will recover, and Clint encourages her, insisting he doesn’t want Matthew’s heart, now or ever.  He loves Matthew like his own, and he demands that Nora never give up on Matthew’s recovery.  Defiant, she promises he has nothing to worry about; Matthew’s heart will never beat anywhere but in his own chest.

Bo laments to Viki that Matthew is virtually hopeless, but Nora believes with all her might and Bo is torn as to how to proceed.  They discuss Ben’s heart, but Viki reminds Bo the situation was very different.  Bo tearfully admits that he believes Matthew’s condition is irrevocable and it kills him that Nora thinks he’s given up, but Viki, knowing all too well the pain of losing a child, insists that Nora hasn’t come to terms yet.  They are faced with an impossible decision, and Bo wonders how he can reconcile Clint’s machinations with wanting to save him.  If Clint dies and then Matthew never recovers, Bo equates that with killing his own brother.  He begs for guidance.

Nora returns, upset, and Bo races to her side.  She tells him about her bitter encounter with Clint before asking Viki if she saw Matthew.  When Nora smiles that Matthew’s color looks much better, Viki indulges her. 

Alone, Bo believes Clint’s claim that he was unaware, but Nora wonders how they can trust his love for Matthew when he hates his own son.  Bo suggests they take him at his word, and given his total aversion to benefiting from Matthew, Nora is willing and she decides the matter is settled.  Meanwhile, Viki visits Clint, who is crushed.  In no uncertain terms will he accept Matthew’s heart, even if Bo and Nora suspend his life support.