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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny strong-arms the Mayor into giving him Michael’s diploma, or else. 

Kristina and Molly get back home and update Sam on what happened at the graduation.  Alexis, Carly and Morgan show up and join in the conversation.  Alexis thinks Michael won’t get his diploma.  Carly’s worried about Michael’s parole.  Kristina feels Michael helped her through her final year. 

Sonny shows up with the diploma.  Kristina explains what Brice said and that it wasn’t Michael’s fault.  Kristina offers to go find Michael.  Molly says they should be proud of Michael for defending Kris, but Alexis says it’s not okay to solve things with violence.  Sonny says he would have punched out the kid himself. He continues by saying he wanted the diploma, so he used his power to get it.  Alexis points out that if Michael would not have gotten the diploma, it would have taught him a lesson.  Carly says she’s proud of her son and his father. 

Molly thinks you should stand up for what’s right, but Alexis thinks it should be with your words and intellect, not your fists.  She doesn’t blame Michael, since he doesn’t know better.  Sam steps in and reminds the parents that Michael and Kristina are now adults and they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. 

Abby pops up at Jason’s to see if Michael showed up there, and explains what happened.  He heads out to find Michael.

Max tells Brenda that Milo is teaching Alec some defensive moves and she’s not happy about the violence.  Diane shows up to see Max, but Brenda wants to talk about her legal issues, which annoys Diane and she points out that she’s off duty.   Brenda insists, so Diane tells her that all the paperwork has been filed and now it’s a matter of waiting.  Brenda asks about Sonny adopting Alec, but Diane doesn’t think that’s a good idea. 

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Brenda wonders if Diane doesn’t like her marriage to Sonny or just prefers Carly. Diane tells Brenda that Sonny’s children have all suffered, and she won’t be the one to give him another child. Diane informs Brenda that she will have to find another attorney, because Sonny is not a safe father.  Brenda feels Diane just wants to make her unhappy. 

Jason finds Michael on the docks.  Michael feels badly he lost his temper after all these months of claiming he's grown up and matured.  He’s sorry he messed things up for the family, since it meant so much to them and explains what Brice said to Kristina. Jason wonders what happens now, and again notes that he still doesn’t want Michael to work for the Z's.  He offers Michael a gift of a trip to Europe, but Michael doesn’t want it.  Jason offers him a job at the coffee warehouse and Michael agrees.

Kristina finds Ethan at the Star and explains what happened.  She’s just glad it’s over and wants Ethan to come back to the party with her.  She wonders if Ethan is happy to see her.  She promises Sonny won’t do anything to him and Ethan agrees to give her what she wants. 

Dante goes to Abby’s to wait for Michael.  Abby doesn’t understand what would have set off Michael.  Abby’s worried about Michael’s need to get in the mob, and thinks it must be hard for Dante to deal with it all, being on the other side. 

Michael shows up at the lake house followed by Kristina and Ethan.  Michael apologizes to his sister.  Sonny wonders how Kristina managed to find Ethan while looking for Michael.  Alexis reminds them they need to party and has glowing reviews for all her daughters.  Carly tells Michael she’s proud of him.  Sonny’s impressed with both his children and is proud to be their father. 

Max tells Diane to apologize to Brenda or she’ll have Diane fired.  Diane says she has principles and holds herself responsible for Michael getting shot, because she always looked away due Sonny being such a lucrative client. However, this time she must draw the line.  When Brenda returns, Diane tells her she’ll refer her to a family lawyer and Brenda says she’s got a lot to tell Sonny.  When Sonny returns home, Brenda doesn’t tell him what Diane said. 

Michael goes to Abby's and finds Dante, who informs him Brice is not pressing charges. Dante surprises Michael with a graduation present, early parole completion.  Dante’s proud of Michael.

Kristina’s sorry that the lie that Ethan beat her is still out there, but Ethan tells her everything's been forgiven. He's happy they had fun getting his divorce.  She reaches up for a kiss, but he kisses her on the cheek. 

Dante goes to Carly to tell her to take responsibility for Michael.  She says she can’t since he’s on parole, but Dante says he’s joking, because Michael's officially off parole.  Carly asks if he talked to Judge Carroll.  When Dante says yes, Carly thanks him. 

When Sam gets home, she tells Jason all about the graduation party. She lets him know she told the parents to let their kids go, even though she knows it would be hard to do if it were their child. 

Now that Michael doesn’t have to stay at Dante’s, Abby asks Michael to move in with her