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One Life to Live Recap: Hard Times Come Easy

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Shane:  Don’t you get it?!  Jack tried to kill me! … Look at what happened to mom, because of me!

Shane attacks Jack, but Tea intervenes.  Jack denies everything and continues to ridicule Shane, but Roxy stands up for her grandson.  When Tea threatens to call the police, Shane insists on it because Gigi may need assistance.  Tea is confused about why Jack would target Gigi, but Shane corrects that Jack wanted to hurt him.  Shane fills in all the blanks until Rex calls Roxy and begs his “mom” to bring Shane to the hospital.  Shane vows to kill Jack if Gigi is hurt.  Tea is dubious about Jack’s involvement, but she promises she will protect him as best she can.

Rex finds Gigi trapped and unconscious in the vacant property.  He pleads with her to wake up as he tries to find cell signal.  Once he notices the carbon monoxide warning, he gathers Gigi in his arms and races her to the hospital.

Todd relentlessly taunts John about important information until John receives word about a 911 call involving Gigi.  After John leaves, Tea and Jack show up where Tea regretfully informs Todd that his release was denied.  Worse yet, they have a bigger problem, and Tea brings Todd up to speed about the accusations against Jack.  Todd asks Tea to leave before putting the fear of God in Jack.  He demands Jack tell him the truth, but Jack stays mum.  When Todd slams his shoe into the file cabinet, Jack finally comes clean: he set the trap against Shane.

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At the hospital, John wonders what caused Gigi’s predicament, and Rex tells him to “ask Jack Manning.”  Later, John and CSU comb the dangerous crime scene, and John stumbles on the recorder.

When Roxy and Shane arrive, Shane spies the doctors performing CPR, and he screams for his mom.  Rex calms Shane and explains what happened, but when Shane sees the raincoat, he realizes he was the intended target.  He blames himself, but Rex shuts him down immediately and asks an attentive and loving Roxy to take Shane to an emergency session with his counselor, promising nothing will happen to Gigi while he’s gone.  Rex remains hopeful, but Gigi’s doctor solemnly informs him that “it was too late.”

Starr and Dani are saddened by Matthew’s stagnant condition.  They reminisce while clinging to his history as a fighter.  They’re concerned for Destiny, and Starr worries she’s getting sick.  Dani feigns ignorance and shock when Starr suggests that Destiny’s pregnant, but Starr reveals that Destiny confided in her.  Dani never thought to ask about protection because the sex itself was such a huge surprise, but Starr is relieved they were prepared, even if it wasn’t planned.

Destiny talks to Matthew as if he’s awake, grateful for a reprieve from Starr’s third degree.  She asks for forgiveness for confiding in Starr and Dani while promising she didn’t tell them everything, such as lying about using protection.  She’s not worried, though, as she’s confident she’s not pregnant.  While holding Matthew’s hand, she vows that neither she nor his parents are giving up on him, and she’s rewarded when he opens his eyes.

Waiting to undergo tests, Clint laments that he’s a dead man.  Viki demands he fight, if not for himself then for Jessica’s sake.  He counts his blessings in his numerous children, and Viki wonders if that includes Rex.  Clint denounces Rex, and when he voices his belief that Rex told him about his impending wedding to snake his way into the will, Viki blasts him.  She’s happy for Rex and Gigi, and she knows Rex only came to him as a matter of inclusion and invitation into Rex’s family.  Clint refuses to budge, and Viki wonders if it is, in fact, too late for him.  Exasperated, she seeks out his doctors to avoid saying anything further she’ll regret.

Brody and Natalie kiss.  Natalie worries they’re getting carried away, but when Brody offers to leave, she shuts the door, eliciting a smile from him.  They discuss how pointless it is to ignore their feelings, and how with John and Jessica in their past, they’re free agents who don’t want to have any regrets.  Natalie giggles when Brody brings up the subject of protection, but they’re set.  Passion takes over, but Brody pulls back to tell Natalie that he wants to go slow and “remember every moment.”  They savor each other as they contentedly make love.

Ford and Tess traipse into the Minuteman and get mushy before Ford bursts her bubble.  He can’t go on the run with her; if she wants to be with him, she must accept him and Ryder as a package deal.  Despite no longer harboring a single maternal instinct, she agrees as he promises to protect her from Jessica’s big, bad family.  Tess declares that Jessica is struggling to get out, but Jessica’s love for her children or family is no match for Tess’ love for Ford (oooo-kay).  Shockingly, Ford has protection covered this time around, but they’re both stalled by nerves, which makes them giggle like small children.  After getting over that hurdle, Ford and Tess have sex (or Ford rapes Jessica... again, take your pick.)