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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin shows Liz a bracelet Emma made for her in daycare.  Liz talks about something Jake made for her once and gets sad.  Patrick has a big surgery the next day and wants Liz on his OR team.  Liz is thrilled at the opportunity.

Steve questions whether that’s the right decision and Robin backs him up. She confesses that she found Liz crying and believes she is more fragile than she lets on.  Patrick feels Liz needs to be cut some slack and Steven finally agrees to let her in on the surgery.

Anthony brings Lisa the outfit she’ll be using for her big plan.  He’s proud of her for getting revenge instead of wimping out. She’s happy he understands her.   He asks about an exit strategy, but she has that all figured out. 

Spinelli and Jason are discussing the sequel to Spin's book when Sam shows up, ready for her stakeout.  Jason thinks it’s too dangerous so soon after the surgery and offers to go in her place.  After much back and forth, Sam insists she’ll be fine and heads out with Spinelli.

Lucky’s trying to keep his mind off of Luke and Siobhan tries her hand at distracting him as well.  She notices he's playing with a lighter, and he mentions that it’s all he has of his father.  She points out that Luke loves him, but Lucky needs some time alone and heads out.

Lulu and Dante walk by the Spencer house.  Lulu wonders what it is about the house that has so much of Lucky's attention.  Lulu regrets her impulse to quit her job and throw herself into the Star project.  She’s worried about Lucky blaming himself for what happened with Luke and questions why Lucky is rewriting history when it comes to the house.  Dante points out that it’s easier for Lucky to blame the house than Luke. 

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Maxie stops by to see Lucky, but finds Siobhan and tells her the Aiden secret needs to come out.  Siobhan thinks that Lucky doesn’t need the added pressure and is worried the truth will send him back to the pills.  Maxie thinks the truth will keep him sober. 

Nikolas shows up and is surprised to find Maxie there. She says she thinks Lucky needs to be closer to family, namely Liz, but Nik doesn’t think that’s appropriate, given that Lucky is married to Siobhan.  Maxie takes off and Nik mentions to Siobhan that Luke's behavior surprised him. Siobhan feels she owes Lucky a debt, and thinks it's time to help him with his problem.  Nik offers his help and leaves.  Siobhan looks for the lighter and realizes Lucky left with it, so she takes off after him. 

Liz runs into Lucky on the docks and they remember some of their past.  Lucky explains his meeting with Luke and Liz is shocked that Luke said killing Jake was liberating for him.  Liz says she’s tried not to blame Luke, but isn’t happy that he was so cruel and turned his back on Lucky.  Lucky feels guilty about pushing Luke into rehab, but Liz tells him it wasn’t his fault and no one blames him.  Lucky feels that they should. 

Maxie goes to Dante and tells him Lucky needs to be watched, because she feels he’s going to implode.  Dante says Lucky isn’t fragile, but Maxie reminds him that Lucky lost his son, his father and he’s a recovering addict who’s been talking about cutting ties.  Maxie says Siobhan’s no use, since she’s just looking out for herself.  Maxie informs Dante that Lucky is discouraged, angry and will eventually flush his life down the toilet.  Dante agrees and takes off to find Lucky.

Lisa shows up at the hospital in a security guards’ outfit and lurks in the background, watching Scrubs.  Robin feels if she had lost Emma, she wouldn’t be able to go back into surgery. She thinks Patrick wants Liz to assist because he feels guilty for not being able to save Jake.  She tells him she thinks Liz’s judgment is still off and puts her on the stand by list to assist, if something should happen. 

Spinelli and Sam show up at the hospital, because she’s been having some cramping.  Robin wonders if she’s pregnant.  Lisa hides her gun in a supply closet. 

Liz goes to Jason to ask him to talk to Lucky to lessen his guilt.  Jason says he can’t help Lucky, only she can.  He feels there’s no one else for Lucky but Liz. Jason thinks she should be completely honest with Lucky and not make decisions for others anymore. 

Lucky sets the Spencer house on fire.  Dante finds him and drags him off to his car, hoping no one saw him.  Dante calls 911 and tells them about the fire.  Siobhan arrives at the burning house and thinks Lucky is inside.  Soon after, Dante and Lucky hear a woman scream.