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Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell Address The Elephant on Twitter

Who needs SOAPnet when Twitter is forever airing soap operas that are often better than what we're seeing on our screens? I know, I've starred in a few myself, unfortunately. Two stars of a recent Twitter-novela, Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell took to Soap Opera Digest to address rumblings about Alfonso being responsible for her onscreen rival's ouster from Days our Our Lives.


Chappell, who is nominated for a Daytime Emmy this weekend for her popular webisoap Venice, basically said people needed to stop being all up in her business!

 "I have no bad feelings toward Kristian or anybody," she declares. "I didn't come to the defense of my colleague on Twitter, but I actually did. It's nobody else's business really how I do something."  

As for the woman who plays Fancy Face, she had this to say:

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"The whole thing is very sad. I very much enjoyed working with Crystal Chappell and think she's a tremendous talent and she will be missed. I'm so sad that people feel so free to bully. It is a troubling problem in today's society. I've tried to always remember what my parents have told me, which I relay now to my own children: Always treat others with the love and respect that you would also like to receive."

Now, I could start pointing fingers and placing blame on those who started this Twitter drama (and boy did I want to until I read this smart piece on We Love Soaps!), but then I'd be quite the hypocrite, now wouldn't I? Lord knows this particular blog has benefited from the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that take place on the sets of our soaps, not to mention stirring the pot with fanbase wars. 

I guess what I'm saying is, with only four soaps on the air come January 2012, maybe it's time we (present blogger included) started trying to find something more of substance and merit to bring to the table when discussing our soaps, instead of reveling in the scandalous and titillating events that take place after the directors yells "Cut!"?

Okay, so a little backstage scandal every now and again is fun, but if we're gonna keep demanding balance from our soap storytelling, I guess we in the online community are gonna have to listen to our own advice and balance out our coverage and fandom. Besides, how many more insults can we come up with for Brian Frons? Knowing is half the battle, Yo Joe!

For the rest of the ladies' statements visit Soap Opera Digest.