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One Life to Live Recap: The Chronicles of Life and Death


Jessica:  This is my life, not yours, and I’m claiming it!

Ford and Tess revel in their afterglow, because love makes it so much better, until Tess gripes about Ford’s “brat.”  Amused, he points out that the brat is hers as well, and she sheepishly shrugs.  He worries about the felonies he committed in liberating her from St. Ann’s, but she knows he’s smart enough to figure things out.  Tess believes Cutter is the answer to their problems, so Ford decides to confront him.

Tess thinks she survived letting her guard down with Ford until she’s faced with Jessica in the mirror.  Jessica admits to willingly letting out Tess, but she claims to have been fighting back for a while now.  Tess whines that it’s her turn, but Jessica reminds her she’s not a whole person.  She can try to love Jessica’s children, but Jessica simply does (difficult to swallow given that she allowed a homicidal alter to run rampant and put her children in danger.)  When Jessica has concern for Brody, Tess tries to suppress her by taunting Jessica with Natalie and Brody’s closeness.  Jessica dismisses the “lies,” and exerts her control to reclaim her life.

 Possible regrets and Liam’s crying hamper Natalie and Brody’s afterglow. They cuddle with Liam and coo over his adorable smiles. They decide that they’ve managed an unexpected but genuine little family, and have no regrets.  John and Jessica are out of the picture, so what they have is “good, real, and enough.”  While Brody puts Liam back to bed, Natalie brushes her hair, looking haunted.  Brody returns, and taken with her beauty, leads her back to bed.  Later, Natalie decides to visit her father, and Brody promises to wait for her.  Their goodbye kiss turns passionate right as Jessica walks through the door, stunned.

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Cutter interrupts Vimal giving Rama an orgasmic foot massage.  A suspicious Vimal demands to know the real reason Cutter allowed Rama to stay, and Cutter eventually claims it was because he isn’t callous enough to evict a pregnant woman.

Rama opens the door to Cristian, who can’t stop thinking about their kiss.  He pulls her into another one, but they’re busted by Vimal.  Rama covers by slapping Cris and accusing him of taking advantage of her, and being a saint, Cris allows her claim to stand.  Vimal leaves to take a phone call, as Ford arrives to speak to Cutter. 

In the living room, Ford asks Cutter to divorce Tess.  Outside, Rama apologizes to Cris, but he suggests she figure out what’s fueling all of her unsavory actions.  Back inside, she’s panicked to find out from Vimal that his parents are coming for a long visit.

Bo encourages Nora to get sleep until they’re interrupted by Destiny yelling for help.  They enter Matthew’s room to find his eyes open.  They want to believe this means something, but fear more heartbreak.  In a strange turn of character, Dr. Doom admits there’s hope.  She unsuccessfully tries to elicit further responses, so Nora steps in and speaks lovingly to her son until he visibly squeezes her hand.  In the hall, a beaming Nora assures Destiny that Matthew is on the mend.  Shaun is thrilled, and nearly bouncing, Bo pulls him into a bear hug.  Later, Dr. Doom worries Bo and Nora when she determines Matthew may recover more, or go no further, but she’s not ruling out the former.  Celebratory laughs and sighs of relief ensue.

Dr. Heartless bluntly tells Rex that it was too late to save Gigi, and Rex adamantly refuses to believe him.  Roxy rushes to her son, as he blurts that Gigi is brain dead.  Remembering Matthew, he demands that Dr. Heartless perform the more comprehensive test, but Rex is crushed when the doctor reveals it’s already been done and was conclusive; Gigi is unequivocally beyond hope.  Roxy tries to reason with Rex, but he demands to be left alone with his “wife.”

Todd, in effectively scary mode, demands Jack tell him everything.  Jack wanted to “teach Shane a lesson” for the barbell incident by leaving him in the house overnight, consequences be damned.  Tea returns, and all three decide they need to determine the seriousness of Gigi’s condition.  Tea calls Roxy, who updates Tea until she’s overcome by tears.  Shaken, Tea delivers the bad news: Gigi isn’t likely to recover.  Jack freaks, but he thinks he’s blameless because Gigi wasn’t his target and he was clueless about the generator.  Tea slaps him with more bad news: he faces kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, and potentially, murder charges.

In denial, Rex sobs at Gigi’s bedside, begging her to wake up and marry him.  He remembers impressing her at a baseball game just to see her smile when they were teens, and he kicks himself for ever walking away.  Rex crawls into bed with Gigi, and when Dr. Heartless sees this tragic scene, he decides it “must stop.”  Roxy blasts him before going in to support Rex.  She tries to be realistic, but Rex refuses to listen.  When Roxy cries that no amount of love can bring Gigi back, Rex finally succumbs and collapses in Roxy’s arms.