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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Spinelli wants to call Jason for Sam, but she talks him out of it. Maxie drags him off so that Robin can examine Sam. She orders some tests, including an ultrasound, x-rays and a pregnancy test.  Sam jokes that she should start paying rent and Robin agrees that she does spend a lot of time in the hospital.  When Spixie returns, Sam explains that tests are being run. Maxie tells Spinelli he has to stop putting pressure on Sam about a baby and Spin offers to get her a smoothie. 

Liz wonders how much Lucky can take and realizes he’s on the edge of an emotional cliff.  She’s upset that he can’t lean on his father at this time.  Jason wonders why she’s so concerned about Luke and why she’s not more angry with him.  Liz feels Luke always showed her compassion and never judged her.  He tells her he always wants to make things better for her, which is how Jake came to be in the first place. Jason tells her she’s the only one who can stop Lucky’s downward spiral. 

Lucky and Dante pull Siobhan out of the house and take her to the hospital.  Mac calls, wondering why Dante isn’t still at the scene, so he heads back.  Matt tells Lucky he needs to take Siobhan straight into surgery. Lucky spends a couple of minutes with an unconscious Siobhan. He apologizes to her for dragging her into his mess and not being able to love her like she deserves. When Liz gets back, Steven tells her he needs her to assist Matt, not realizing until after that she’ll be assisting in Lucky’s wife’s surgery.

Back at the burning house, Mac thinks Luke is responsible for it and Dante doesn’t tell him otherwise.  Mac rants about how horrible Luke is and that he’ll have him arrested if Siobhan dies. 

Robin and Patrick are discussing Emma, while Lucky and Steve discuss Siobhan and Liz. Maxie and Spinelli enjoy their smoothie, when Lisa pulls her gun and shoots a couple of rounds to get their attention.  When Lucky goes for his gun, she gets him to give it to her.  Steve manages to set the computer to hospital lockdown.  Lisa forces Spin and Lucky into the elevator and the others into the conference room.  With the lockdown, the doors lock them in. 

Sam calls Jason and lets him know where she is and that they’re running tests.  Nikolas stops by to see Sam.   Jason hears the alarms and Sam confirms that they’re on lockdown.  Sam and Nik discuss parenting and how Spin’s getting exhausting about the baby issue.  Nik says he avoided all the mistakes he made with Spencer with Aiden and has realized what it take to be a father.   

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Matt needs additional supplies, but can’t get them because of the lockdown.  Matt asks Liz to give Siobhan a shot of dexamethasone, but she grabs the heparin instead and injects it. 

Robin wonders what Lisa wants, but she’s decided to be judge and jury.  She wants to know why they all treated her like crap.  With Steve, Lisa claims he used her, dumped her and then tried to squeeze her out. 

With Maxie, Lisa calls her an insufferable airhead, a liar and she bad mouthed Lisa to Johnny.  Maxie wonders about Johnny and why Lisa would put him through this. Lisa says Johnny’s been through worse, considering his father, and will survive. 

With Robin, Lisa says she’s whiny, boring, frigid, narrow minded and has delusions about Patrick. Patrick's a serial cheater.  She says she didn’t’ seduce Patrick, but that the sex was mutual. 

With Patrick, Lisa says he seduces women than dumps them, but that she isn’t going away quietly.  She claims him to be duplicitous and cowardly. 

Jason tries to get into the hospital, but is stopped by Ronnie. Then Mac and Dante show up.  Jason explains that Sam told him they were on lockdown and that shots were fired.

Lucky tells Spinelli to get on the computer and find a way around the lockdown.  Spinelli checks out air ducts instead.   Lucky calls Dante and fills them in.  Mac is angry that Lisa has his girls captive. 

Maxie points out that Lisa isn’t the first woman to be dumped by a married man and she should have expected that treatment.  Lisa doesn’t want advice from a slut.  Spinelli drops down from the ceiling.  He tries to get Lisa to see reason, but she’s not interested in his advice either. 

Maxie points out that the once big shot doctor Lisa has now become a pathetic, jilted one night stand.  Lisa gets angry and points the gun at Maxie, but Spinelli jumps in the way and gets shot.