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LIVE BLOGGING: The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

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Hello everyone! My name is Melodie and I'll be live-blogging The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards tonight! We'll begin promptly at 7C/8E. I hope everyone is excited as I am for the program. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line in the comments about your favorites to win.

And Awwaaayy We Go!

We start with a Wayne Brady package! Since when does he not have any hair? Anywho, the Jabawockeez start the show. I'm guessing it's because they have a show in Vegas. I like them, but it's a little jarring to see them on the Emmys. Wayne just put on a mask and gives us his best dance moves. Now, they hit us with the required Las Vegas package. Moving on.

Insert Sarcasm: Everyone looks so thrilled to be there. Half the doggone on crowd isn't clapping. It's like everyone is like "Ok, let's start this!" So, why did Regis, Meredith and Oprah retiring all get mentioned before One Life to Live and All My Children being cancelled? I would think the shows that have been on for 40+ years should get first mention, but I digress.

Cheap plugs from Wayne about Las Vegas. *Rolls Eyes* Rachel Ray's dress is NOT cute. She's up there with Penn and Teller, who are going to present the award by doing a magic trick. OML, these Emmys are gonna be one big Las Vegas spectacle, rather than the respected awards show it be. Let's continue to take the prestige out of daytime. Sigh. Anyways, they present the award for


The Emmy Goes To....

JONATHAN JACKSON, Lucky Spencer, General Hospital

I'm not surprised by this win. We all knew he had it in the bag the second those scenes aired. A well deserved Emmy! Congrats!

We move on to Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil introducing


The announcer called them YR's "It" couple! Excuse me,  while I go punch a wall. Tricia Cast BEST win, that's all I have to say!

The Emmy Goes To....

HEATHER TOM, Katie Logan, Bold and The Beautiful

Now I luvs Heather Tom, God knows I doooo, but that was Tricia Cast's award. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. I just popped open the bottle of whiskey, because it's going to be a LONG night!

We go into some mindless Elvis dance tribute. There's steam coming from my ears!

Brillant move by CBS and YR to have a commercial for the real Jabot cosmetics line on the Emmys.

The hosts of The Doctors are out to present


The Emmy Goes To...


Jeopardy just won best game show. OK. I don't really know what to say and neither does Alex Trebek. His face was screaming "Really, WE won the Emmy?"

They will share the award with Wheel of Fortune. Arent Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek getting lifetime acheivement awards tonight? Coincidence or not? *KanyeShrug*

Jennifer Flavin-Stallone and Adam Gregory are up! Adam's hot! I think I need to start watching B&B! Meanwhile, Jennifer's face is not moving. They're up to talk about the amazingness of Las Vegas. They send us to a prepared package with Laura McKenzie, who looks like she forgot 80s fashion left.

WHY are the Emmys one big video brochure for Las Vegas. This is an awards show, NOT a time share presentation! *Does A Shot!*

We come back and Wayne introduces Marie Osmond talking about the armed forces! Thank You So Much to all military personel out there reading tonight! Marie sings "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B"! I love this song, but I wish we were celebrating Daytime. This is one big variety show! I swear if elephants and a trapeze artist show up, I'm GONE!

Tracey Bregman is hocking some Jabot Cosmetics! YR told me to tell y'all, EVERYBODY is going to know about this makeup line!

Ben Bailey and Sherri Shepherd, who looks great in this simple black dress, present:


The Emmy Goes To...


Congrats! My mom watches that show, but that's all I know.

Wayne just made a joke about the cast/crew of the Dr. Oz show being a flash mob. I do have to say it lightened up the mood a little.

Wayne introduces Kim Matula and Kyle and Chris Massey.

I swear these two little boys are on every awards show there is! The trio are talking about some giveaway and I just took another shot! OMFG, another package about something that doesn't have to do with Daytime! These awards aren't even about Daytime!

FINALLY, soap legends! Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams! Debbi takes us home a little bit and says a few words about AMC leaving. I love the color of her dress! Beautiful, just beautiful. They present


The Emmy Goes To....


Maria Arena Bell accepts the award. *Heavy Sigh* I hope this doesn't mean they keep writing like they did last year. A respectful speech by Maria.

We go back to Tracey talking about Jabot.

We come back to Tracey Bregman and Christian LeBlanc, who sounds a bit sick, on stage. Tracey is WORKING IT! They present...


The Emmy Goes To...


I can't lie, I like Ben and Cash Cab. I know I saw Ben earlier, maybe he had to take a potty break. He cracks a joke about not being able to get a cab.

Finally, another treat for my eyes, Anderson Cooper! He's pretty nice looking. He presents


The Emmy Goes To...


There's another tie here folks. Dr. Oz thanks the usuals. Mmmm, Regis takes away a win the year he retires. Once again, Coincidence or not?

Wayne presents the awesome Marlee Matlin! I can't decide if I like her dress or not. Another montage, but at least it has a meaning, Daytime Cares.

The Young and The Restless is going to SELL this Jabot line. Every 10 minutes Jabot has been mentioned. That's how you promote a fictional product turned real life product!

YR just aired a promo for next week! They are DOING IT with promotions tonight!

I tell y'all by the time these awards are over, I'm going to NEED Gladys to take me away on "The Midnight Train to Georgia"

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Don Diamont and Heather Tom are on my screen. I wish they were still on my YR. Anywho, they present


The Emmy Goes To...


I'm not surprised at all. Ellen's show is pretty much infectious.

Wayne Brady introduces Gladys Knight! Finally, I can enjoy this show. What soap does Gladys love? AMC or YR? My memory is failing me at the moment. Gladys presents The Oprah Winfrey Show. Gladys sings "That's What Friends Are For". I guess Dionne wasn't available. Come on Gladys, sing some Midnight Train to Georgia.

This Oprah Winfrey tribute is more like "Watch Gladys Knight sing while we show Oprah on a small screen in the back."

Lawd Hammercy. I need to stop with the shots. I thought Gladys said "Please welcome one of Oprah's favortie positions". Runs to get some water and chips. Oprah's friends say some kind words. Gladys introduces Celine Dion. Celine thanks Oprah for all that she does.

I'm almost positive we could put together the tributes for GL and ATWT and they wouldn't equal half the tribute Oprah received. It's a just a doggone shame. And the kicker of the whole thing is OPRAH ISN'T EVEN THERE!

Celine sings one of my favorites from her "Because You Loved Me." Where's a lighter when you need one?

Could some please give me an update on how long this triubte has went on?

*Insert Sarcasm* Nice appearance by John Travolta, from a PREVIOUS OPRAH SHOW! *Shaking My Head*

Oprah has sent a prepared package of her Thank You's. This means that she KNEW she wasn't going and wasn't going to attempt to go. Come on, SON!

Tuc Watkins and Melissa Archer are out. Tuc makes a great joke. I wish he was on OLTL more. I've just seen way more Melissa Archer than I ever wanted to. Sigh. They present


The Emmy Goes To...


I love this woman's dress! Awesome!

The Bell Soaps SWEEP the tech categories on YR! Mike Denny accepts for YR. They're both on CBS too. *KanyeShrug*

Wayne Brady introduces Peter Marshall and Vanna White. Vanna White looks fabulous as usual. They're out to honor Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek with their Lifetime Achievement Awards. Potty Break Time.

Kelly Monaco, Ron Moss and Montel Williams speak about Daytime giving back to the children. I'd rather not comment on Ron's attire. He forgot that Vegas is in the middle of the desert. The next plug goes to IHOP! I wish I knew what happened to the rest of Kelly's dress.

We go into a montage about Daytime stars doing volunteer work at Children's Hosptials. Now, I'm starting to ball.

Kira Reed interviews Christel Khalil about Lily's trials and tribulations on YR? She once again hocks Jabot Cosmetics Makeup.

Arianne Zucker and Galen Gering from DAYS are up next. Arianne looks good. Lots of black dresses this year. They present


The Emmy Goes To..

BRITTANY ALLEN, Marissa Chandler, All My Children

I am literally SPEECHLESS! I have no words and have busted out the whiskey once again. Why, Jesus! WHY!! Just Keep Me Near The Cross Jesus! This was Lexi's award.

Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson are out. Not sure how I feel about Kim's dress. I don't like whatever she's done with her hair. They present


The Emmy Goes To...

SCOTT CLIFTON, Liam Cooper, Bold and the Beautiful

I can accept this one! I liked him on OLTL! He's a good actor. I love his reaction.

Brandon Beemer and Nadia Bjorlin are on stage looking goregeous as usual. That is one BEAUTIFUL couple! Just pretty people. They send us to another montage that has NOTHING to do with Daytime. Who Cares?

Why is it that we rush through the actual awards, but give all the time in the world to Las Vegas, Universal Studios, and other vacation spots?

FINALLY A MONTAGE ABOUT SOAPS!!! It features the grandest dame of the all: Susan Lucci! A few seconds about Erica and her many marriages in a montage. Well, as soon as it started, it was over. Susan and her daughter Liza present


Liza talks about how awesome her mother is and brings out Shemar Moore to speak a few more words!

Dear Shemar, PLEASE come back to YR! I'm willing to negotiate. *wink, wink* Sincerely, Mel from DC

Anywho, Shemar gives Susan a big kiss. He says he's got some dirt on Erica Kane. She's acutally been married 11 times. Oh lawd, they've found a way to put other stars in the one daytime related montage. I'm shaking my head in disgust.

Susan gives us a Come to Jesus moment by saying Daytime is still alive! Tell them again, Susan.

The Emmy Goes To...

MICHAEL PARK, Jack Snyder, As the World Turns

Go Michael! I'm happy he won! Lord knows, Michael Park tore me up at the end of ATWT! However, he's not there to accept

Shemar and Susan present


The Emmy Goes To...

LAURA WRIGHT, Carly Corinthos Jacks, General Hospital

Justice has finally been brought to Las Vegas. If there was anyone on the nominee's list that deserved this award, it was Laura Mother Freaking Wright. She's put in some years in this genre. I might just cry happy tears! Hell Yeah Indeed, Laura. Hell Yeah Indeed!

Andrew Ordon from The Doctors speaks about Daytime Cares.

Meredith Viera presents the biggest award of the night:


The Emmy Goes To...


Holy CRAP! B&B just hit the three-peat! Can they be unseated? SNAP!

Well folks, that's it from me. Let's just be honest, the show was frustrating to say the least. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed my random ramblings. I'll see y'all on the podcast.

Thanks So Much for Reading!