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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The group in the conference room tries to stabilize Spinelli, but Lisa only gives them so much time before warning them not to disobey her or she’ll shoot him in the head. Patrick attempts to convince Lisa that she doesn’t want Spin’s death on her head, but she fires back by saying that someone this vindictive doesn’t have a conscience. Patrick says he’s guilty of everything and begs Lisa to let the others go.  Robin points out that Lisa doesn’t want to hear any kind of truth.  

Lucky explains to the police that he heard another shot and Maxie yelling Spinelli’s name.  Mac wants someone to bypass the lockdown and Lucky offers to try.  Ronnie wants to call in the SWAT team, and Dante decides he and Jason will go in via the roof.  Ronnie threatens to arrest Jason, but Dante tells him that saving people is more important than his grudge. 

Lisa decides to play judge and jury and asks the others questions.  To Patrick, she asks if he ever loved her. He tells her that their relationship was only a college thing. Lisa asks why he spent time with her, if he loves Robin. Patrick admits to sending her mixed signals.  She asks if he finds Robin boring, but Patrick denies it. 

Lucky’s surprised when Dante and Jason show up, and explains that he doesn’t know the new password for the computer. He wonders what Steve would have chosen. Jason tells him to try Jake’s birthday, which works and the lockdown is lifted. Jason wants to charge in, but Lucky feels it’s too risky and Dante thinks there must be another way. 

Ronnie’s mad at Mac for allowing Jason to work with them, but Mac just wants his girls safe, no matter what.  Mac wonders if Ronnie is questioning his authority and tells him to start evacuating the hospital.  He wants to know where Lisa got the gun and where she was hiding out. 

Lisa asks Steve if he thinks she’s a capable surgeon. He admits she is, but says he couldn’t afford all the personal drama to continue.   He says he did everything in the best interest of the hospital, but she thinks he was worried about a sexual harassment suit.  Steve says he regrets not helping her, but Lisa doesn’t want his pity and blames everything on the Drake's.  Steven tells her she was a gifted doctor and wonders why she chose to end her career over this.

Matt gets Siobhan’s bleeding under control, but still worries about any lasting effects.  He wants her monitored around the clock and Liz tells an unconscious Siobhan that she’ll be okay, for Lucky’s sake. 

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Lisa asks Maxie when she decided to destroy her life? Maxie confesses that she knew Lisa had an agenda from the beginning, because of the flirting with Patrick.  She explains how she played the same game with a married man and points out that one drunken night with Patrick, cost Lisa her career, self-respect and freedom.  Lisa says she doesn’t want her freedom. 

Lisa is angry that Robin thought she was capable of hurting Emma and asks if she had permission to take her that day.  Robin admits that the nanny did give her permission, but wonders if she admits to wrongdoing? Robin just wants this to be over and begs Lisa to let Spinelli out. 

Johnny goes home and yells at his father for helping Lisa take the hospital hostage. He threatens to toss Anthony off the balcony.  Anthony tells him to either do it or shut up about it.  Anthony explains that if Johnny had helped Lisa, she would have been back in six months and made him an accessory to her laundry list of crimes. So, to prevent this, he helped her to get revenge. 

Johnny says Anthony helped Lisa take out innocent people, but Anthony points out that they’re all adults, likely guilty of something and may or may not deserve to be shot by a crazy lady.  Johnny reminds him that he saved his father’s life the day he had the stroke, since Claudia was intent on killing him. He feels that everything Anthony does now is on Johnny’s shoulders.  Anthony wonders if Johnny is strong enough to follow him, but Johnny replies by saying that maybe he’ll prove his strength by destroying his father himself. 

Liz finds Lucky and tells him Siobhan has been moved to ICU and takes him to her.  Matt tells him there were complications and there is no way to know if there is any permanent damage until she wakes up.  Lucky sits with Siobhan and talks about Ireland. He now thinks he should have let her go.  Lucky leaves and Liz watches him go. 

Dante calls the conference room; Maxie answers and explains that Spinelli has been shot.  Dante wants to know Lisa’s terms, but she doesn’t want a deal.

Patrick tells Lisa to let Spinelli go to prove she didn’t intend to kill anyone, but Lisa wants to tell her side of the story and wants no other interruptions.  Robin says Lisa doesn’t know what it’s like to watch someone die, but Lisa’s tired of Robin’s HIV speeches.  Patrick says this isn’t the person he cared about in college, but if she puts down the gun, he’ll walk out with her together and find her some help.  Lisa doesn’t fall for it. 

Ronnie’s evacuated the building and is tired of waiting. He tells Mac to stop thinking like a parent.  Lucky comes out and Mac tells him Dante needs back up, but Lucky leaves.  Liz comes out looking for him and tells Mac that Lucky has a lot on his mind.  Mac says he needs to be doing his job or he’ll have to turn in his badge.    Lucky heads over to the Star and pours himself a drink.

Lisa claims they’re all guilty of using her as a scapegoat and took away everything she worked so hard for.  Suddenly, Dante and Jason run in and Lisa shoots Patrick in the arm. She grabs Robin, but quickly lets her go and makes a run for it.  Dante tackles her to the ground and handcuffs her.  The men get Spinelli onto a gurney and down to surgery, while Robin tends to Patrick’s wound, unaware that Lisa is awake. 

Robin and Patrick think everything is finally over, but Lisa jumps up and grabs Robin. She holds the syringe of drain cleaner to her neck and screams at Patrick to convince her not to kill his wife.