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One Life to Live Recap: So Complicated

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Rex:  I don’t care what anybody says or what anybody else wants.  Your heart stays with me.

Color me shocked. John-Paul Lavoisier is bringing it big time.

Natalie gushes that a match for Clint has been found until Rex blurts that it’s Gigi’s heart the doctors are offering up.  She’s stunned silent and he can’t comprehend the tragedy in the slightest.  Gigi’s doctor approaches about prepping Gigi for organ donation based on her donor card, but Rex refuses to even entertain the idea of Clint benefiting.  After dismissing Natalie, Rex sits with Gigi and cries at her bedside.  He believes she would be okay with his refusal to help Clint, and promises he will fight to keep her whole.

Joey thinks Clint’s new heart is a done deal, but Clint isn’t getting his hopes up because a fiancé still must be consulted.  A stricken Viki returns, and when she informs them of Gigi’s death, Clint realizes the fiancé in question is Rex.

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Jessica is shocked to learn that Aubrey and Joey are Ryder’s legal guardians.  She wants to pry Ryder out of Aubrey’s arms, but she’s forced to leave him be after Aubrey accidentally blurts that Clint is in the hospital.  After Brody fills her in, Jessica races to be with her father.  Aubrey learns that Jessica found Brody with Natalie, and she and Brody commiserate about bad timing.  She knows she’s about to lose Joey, but doesn’t think love just disappears; neither does Brody.

Viki gets a call from St. Ann’s alerting her to Tess’ escape as Jessica arrives.  She convinces her family she’s herself and everyone celebrates.  When Natalie shows up, the tension is palpable.  The family babies Jessica, and though she insists she’s perfectly healthy and in control forever, she placates Viki by saying she made an appointment with Dr. Levin for the morning.  Clint suggests Joey go home to “take out the trash,” and Jessica leaves with him.

Viki questions Natalie about the sisterly divide, and she confesses to what Jessica walked in on.  Viki doesn’t judge; instead, she wishes happiness for Natalie, Brody and Liam, and she hopes Jessica can find a way to accept the new dynamic.  Later, a somber Viki and Natalie visit Gigi, but Natalie wonders to where Rex has disappeared.  Meanwhile, Rex storms into Clint’s room, vowing to bar him from receiving Gigi’s heart, but Clint smirks that Rex has no legal rights.

Agent Kent catches up with Original Todd at La Boulaie and holds him at gunpoint.  OT bluffs that he has the “it” Kent seeks and hands him the golden balloon wedding picture, but Sam interrupts them.  Kent turns a second weapon on Sam because “he’s a witness,” and OT goes into protection mode.  He attacks Kent and they struggle until a gun goes off and Kent drops dead.  Sam believes Kent was a bad man, but when he wonders if OT is as well because he just killed a man, OT isn’t sure.  Sam decides OT is good because he saved Sam’s life, so when OT asks Sam to keep everything a secret, Sam readily agrees.

Blair shows up at Tomas’ hotel in New York and observes a clandestine meeting between Tomas and Claude.  After Tomas disappears into a room - where he fights with an unseen party about being blackmailed - Blair receives an inopportune phone call from Dorian, but she hangs up when she’s busted by the “fishy Frenchman.”  He admonishes her for following Tomas and warns her to back off.  She agrees, but as soon as Tomas storms out of the room, she slinks in and snoops.  She’s caught by a woman who drops a bombshell: she’s Tomas’ wife.

Starr and James register for summer classes at LU.  She’s in a good mood because Matthew appears to be making progress, but James is bummed because Hope hates him.  They make plans to strengthen Hope’s comfort level before James is called away by Ford.  A stranger with clear interest in Starr lurks, as Starr volleys between phone calls from Langston and Dorian.  When she steps away for privacy, he hijacks her forgotten iPod.  Later, Starr blasts him for his theft as he just smiles.

Ford panics when Tess isn’t at the Minuteman.  He calls James for help, who labels him crazy and stupid for breaking out Tess.  James is convinced that Tess played Ford, but Ford whimpers that Tess is his true love forever and she’d never con him.  He convinces James to sneak into St. Ann’s via nun’s habit to check on Tess.  Later, James returns and informs Ford that his crimes left St. Ann’s in chaos, but Tess was nowhere to be found.

Joey and Jessica return to Llanfair, where Joey forces Aubrey to relinquish Ryder.  Aubrey tries to connect with Joey, but he won’t budge.  The family doesn’t include her, and she’s to leave immediately whether or not she has anywhere to go.  Later, as Jessica coos over her son and inexplicably flashes back to Tess' night with Ford, Ford appears in the nursery (breaking and entering again, I see) and smiles when he sees “Tess.”