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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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A psychopath’s reign of terror ends, a paternity is revealed and Lucky Spencer returns as himself and not a version of his father, on today’s General Hospital

Patrick tries to diffuse the situation by telling Lisa that she doesn’t want Robin dead, or she would have already shot her.  He thinks she wants attention from him and now she has it. Patrick even says Lisa matters to him.  As he continues to talk, he inches closer to her and Robin. Suddenly, he grabs the syringe, which allows Robin to get away.  Patrick and Lisa fight over the syringe and she eventually injects herself with the drain cleaner.

Liz finds Lucky at the Star and tells him Mac needs him.  Lucky says he’s not available and will likely not be a cop much longer anyway.  He tells her that he set fire to the Spencer house and wonders why he always hurts the people who love him the most.  Liz tells him the boys need him, not just Cameron, but Aiden as well, since he’s the father.

Lucky tells her that nothing will stop him from taking a drink, and certainly not a lie, but she insists it’s the truth.  She says she noticed Aiden looking more and more like Lucky and took another test. Lucky points out that Aiden simply looks like Laura via Nikolas, but Liz reminds him Helena was hanging around at the time of the original paternity test. She offers to get the results of the second test to prove Aiden is his son.

Lucky finally believes her, but wonders what she wants from him, and why she’s telling now.  He wants her to stop playing God and quit tormenting him. He wants to be left alone.  He asks how long she’s known and she admits she was looking at the results when Jake took off.  Liz says she always wanted Lucky to be Aiden’s father, but didn’t know she’d have to pay for it with Jake’s life.  

Lucky understands that she was only trying to protect the people she loves. Liz explains that she was worried about his relationship with Nikolas and his marriage to Siobhan.  Lucky thinks he’s no better than his father because he was about to take the coward's way out and have a drink.  Liz points out that he’s stronger than his father and she believes in him.  Lucky thanks her for talking him down off the ledge. She saved him tonight and he’ll try not to let her down.  Liz says she has to tell Nikolas the truth about Aiden and Lucky offers to go with her, but she says Nik should hear it from her. 

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Maxie blames herself for Spinelli getting shot. She confesses to Dante that she goaded Lisa, and Spinelli jumped in front of the bullet meant for her.  Dante points out that Lisa was crazy.  Dante admits he was angry with Spinelli for not working on the computer, but realizes Maxie wouldn’t be alive if Spin hadn’t jumped into the room.  Maxie’s always been worried that Spinelli wanted to prove himself to her and it ended up saving her life. 

Jason finds Sam outside Siobhan’s room.  She explains that Nikolas was with her during the lockdown and once it was lifted, they came to check on Siobhan.  Jason explains that Spinelli has been shot and Sam blames herself because Spin is the one who brought her to the hospital.  Sam’s worried about Spinelli, but also upset that she wasn’t able to help during the crisis. Jason brings up the fact that Dante let him be there and Sam’s happy about that.  The two talk about what a good friend Spinelli has always been to them, despite their initial impressions of him.  Jason admits he doesn’t know what he would do without Spin. 

Mac’s glad that Robin is okay, but mad that he didn’t trust his gut instinct that told him Lisa wasn’t finished with them.  Patrick shows up and updates the group that Lisa might not make it. He's still shocked that she put so many people’s lives in danger.  Mac hopes she burns in hell and makes it a point to tell Patrick that he's not thrilled with him either.  Robin tells him they need to reconcile, since she’s forgiven Patrick.  

Matt and Steve operate on Spinelli.  He starts to code and Dream Spinelli tells Surgery Spinelli to man up and keep living.  Spinelli pulls through the surgery, while Maxie worries if he will make it. Matt shows up and tells her Spinelli will be fine. 

Mac wants a full report from Dante and tells him to downplay Jason’s involvement for fear of reprimand from the mayor.  Patrick heads off to have his arm checked out and Robin warns Mac to go easy on him.  Mac feels Patrick doesn’t deserve a pass and that it’s wrong to cheat.  Steve comes up and lets them know that Lisa is in a coma and it’s unsure if she’ll ever come out of it.  Mac feels Lisa got what she deserved. 

Robin gets Sam’s test results and informs her and Jason that Sam isn’t pregnant.  Jason wonders if she’s okay with that and she says she is, although there’s disappointment on her face. 

Sam, Jason and Maxie sit with an unconscious Spinelli.  Maxie tells him how brave he was.  JaSam leave to give her privacy.  While Maxie’s talking to him, Spinelli dreams of his alter ego.  When he comes to, Maxie is giving him a kiss and he talks to her in Dream Spinelli’s voice, which worries her.

Robin finds Patrick on the roof and he tells her his arm will be fine.  He’s upset that Lisa could have stabbed either one of them, and knows she stabbed herself on purpose, but didn't try to stop her.  Robin tells him not to blame himself, because Lisa was crazy and wanted to die. She feels they are finally free. 

Lucky sits with Siobhan and tells her he needs to make amends.  She wakes up and knows he’s her husband.  Lucky tells her she’ll make a full recovery and explains that he started the fire, and she risked her life for him.  She jokingly says he owes her, and in turn he promises to be the husband she deserves.