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One Life to Live Recap: Against All Odds

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Clint:  Rex tried to kill me, and contrary to what he wants all of you to believe, I don’t want anybody to die.  I feel terrible about that young woman.  I feel terrible for Shane, but Gigi is brain dead, she’s gone.  But her loss doesn’t have to be in vain.  With her help, I can live.  I can be with my family a little longer.  And that’s what’s gonna happen.  And Rex has to accept it.  He’s got no other choice.

Clint tells Rex that he has no legal rights regarding Gigi’s organ donation, and should he go to court, he will lose.  A bastard like Clint benefiting from wonderful Gigi is a “sick, cruel joke,” and Rex refuses to allow such a travesty, to the point of trying to smother Clint with a pillow.

Natalie wonders where Rex is.  She’s torn between her father and her brother, and she fears Rex is unpredictable.  As she seeks him out, Viki sits with Gigi.  Viki sighs over Gigi’s love and strength, and she feels she owes Gigi for bringing her back to life in Paris, Texas.  She makes an admission: the rent Gigi apparently insisted on paying for the carriage house has gone into a college fund for Shane which Viki opened.

Natalie stops Rex from killing Clint and gets caught in the crossfire as Rex blasts Clint for wanting to “kill Gigi.”  After Rex storms out, Clint asks Natalie to call the police, but she refuses to allow Clint to manipulate Rex.  He can’t afford delays and Natalie will be mourning both Gigi and Clint if she doesn’t help.  She’s sympathetic, but she rips the phone cord out of the wall.

Viki vows to care for Gigi’s family, and when Rex returns, she gathers him in her arms.  He is broken; they were so close to having everything, and now Clint is trying to take Gigi’s heart “by force,”  and he vows to fight Clint.

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Tea assures Jack of privilege, but warns him that he could face murder charges.  John interrupts the Mannings, refusing to release Todd and intent on questioning Jack, starting with the common-knowledge bullying.  Tea jumps to Jack’s defense with the ‘blame the victim’ routine (Shane) and challenges John that he has circumstantial evidence at best.  When John steps out, a deluded Jack shows no remorse and only worries about his own hide, much to Tea’s discomfort.  John releases Todd and Jack, but warns Jack that it’s only a matter of time before the forensic report comes in and places him at the scene.  In the hall, Todd orders Tea to get Jack out of hot water.

Viki admonishes Clint for his behavior, and while still pragmatic, he finally shows some compassion.  Meanwhile, Tea intrudes on Rex to offer help, and at first he bitterly dismisses her, but he ultimately asks for the favor to end all favors: he needs her to help him marry Gigi.

Starr goes ballistic when she sees that the rude stranger hijacked her iPod and replaced all of her music; he refuses to restore everything until she listens to one song.  Idiotically playing along, she listens and reluctantly agrees that his taste is good; she’s more impressed when he reveals that the song is an original track.  He’s a DJ, and he tries to entice her into becoming a groupie.  She balks, but does suggest he lend his talents to Ultraviolet.  He returns her restored, albeit embellished, iPod before finally introducing himself; he’s Baz.

A mysterious woman named Yvette shocks a disbelieving Blair with the news that she’s Tomas’ wife.  Yvette realizes Blair is the woman from the painting, and she suggests Tomas wasn’t truthful about its origins.  Tomas appears, and Blair slaps him and accuses him of lying.  He comes clean: Yvette cheated and had another man’s baby, but she has refused to sign divorce papers for years.  She was allegedly ready, but reneged.  She claims that her son belongs to Tomas, and when he scoffs, she directs him to ask Sebastian, who’s in the other room.  He’s not, and Yvette and Tomas scramble while Blair remains dumbstruck.

Ford barges into the nursery and plants a kiss on “Tess.”  Jessica pushes him away and insists Tess is never coming back, but he refuses to believe her.  Per Jessica, Tess is a part of her, but she doesn’t know the meaning of love, and no matter her promises, Ford is and will not be a part of Jessica’s or Ryder’s lives.  She threatens to press charges against Ford for trespassing or worse, but Ford thinks he’s immune to such things. 

Jessica vows that Ford violated her when she couldn’t give consent, and as soon as he played house with her alter, he lost all rights to Ryder.  She tries to throw him out, but he insists she has no choice but to deal with him because he’s Ryder’s father.  Jessica blasts him for actively keeping her sick and promises that he will lose in court when it’s on record that he exploited a symptom of her illness.  Delusional, he believes he was building a life with Tess and Ryder, but Jessica vows that if he doesn’t back off, he’ll only see Ryder from behind bars.  As she dials the phone, he agrees to leave, but threatens to return for Tess and Ryder.