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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Spinelli continues to talk like Jackal PI, which worries Maxie.  She wonders if he has amnesia and asks several questions. Spinelli answers them all correctly, including a personal one about birthmarks on her body that only he would know.  Maxie has Matt check him out, because she's concerned about Spin's abnormal behavior. Matt determines there is no sign of stroke or contusion, so Maxie’s just grateful he survived. 

Sonny’s angry with Diane because he’s waiting for papers to be approved.  She thinks he’s really angry about her refusal of Brenda's request for Diane to be the adoption lawyer because of Sonny’s terrible history as a father.  Sonny says he didn’t ask for adoption papers to be filed and if he wanted that, he’d get a different lawyer for it.  Sonny accuses Diane of not having a filter and needing to be more tactful, but she points out that her people skills are what have kept him out of prison all these years.  Sonny tells her to stay out of his private life or she’s fired.  I think that was totally uncalled for, since Brenda was the one who was insisting.  Such a troublemaker, that Brenda!

Ronnie and Dante are hanging out at the burned Spencer home.  Ronnie doesn’t believe Dante’s story that he just happened on the burning house and rescued Siobhan.  A shocked Lulu shows up, but thinks the fire was for the best.  Ronnie wonders why she would feel that, but Dante sends him away.  Lulu guesses that Lucky set the fire and while Dante doesn’t admit it, he doesn’t deny it either.  Dante tells her about Siobhan and Lulu takes off.  Ronnie returns with news that arson is the cause of the fire and Lucky is a suspect.  Ronnie tells Dante not to risk his badge to protect Lucky. 

Lucky swears to Siobhan that he wants to be there for her and make their marriage the real deal.  She tells him that he needs to know that he’s Aiden’s father.  Man, that secret is flying out of people’s mouths at break neck speed now!  Lucky’s surprised that she knows and she explains how she found out.  She also tells him that Maxie knows, which makes sense to Lucky.  She says it wasn’t her secret to tell and now that he and Liz share another child, maybe he should rethink all his promises. 

Lucky admits that it will take a while to process, but it doesn’t change anything since Cameron is his son, just like Aiden is.  Siobhan doesn’t want him to stay out of obligation.  He tells her that Liz found him at the Star about to drink. She agrees that getting drunk makes things appealing, but the problems are still there once sober again. 

Lucky says he wished Aiden was his and didn’t believe Liz at first.  He’s worried that Aiden will look at him like he looks at Luke. On the other hand, he’s not concerned that Cam will do the same, because he doesn't carry the Spencer genes.  Siobhan says Aiden will grow up to be a fine man and if he does fall, Lucky will be there to pick him up. 

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Brenda and Alec are hanging out at Kelly’s, when Anthony shows up and parks himself at their table. He proceeds to have a talk with a very chatty Alec.  Anthony mentions seeing them at the aquarium a little earlier.  He advises Alec to be careful and reminds Brenda that bodyguards are a wise idea, because they're always being watched.  Anthony tells Alec that his stepfather is a very important man, but that people are watching them all the time. Before Anthony leaves, he asks Alec to tell Sonny that he says hello.

When Brenda and Alec get home, Alec tells Sonny that Anthony said hello.  Once he’s out of earshot, Sonny wants details and Brenda explains what happened. Sonny says he’ll handle it and Brenda brings up the meeting on the pier. She explains that she didn’t say anything because Sonny was dealing with Kristina at the time and that seemed more important.  Sonny points out that he loves his kids and her, but won’t pick one over the other. He wants to be able to take care of her.

Lulu shows up at the Star and finds Tracy, and Lucky’s full glass of Scotch.  Tracy’s not really surprised to hear that Lucky’s drinking, but was hoping the drink meant Luke was home.  Lulu informs Tracy of the burnt house and Siobhan, and remembers their last Christmas in that house.  Lulu thinks Lucky’s headed into a bottle and Tracy points out that it’s not Lulu’s job to rescue her brother.  Lulu’s upset that she forced Lucky to go find Luke, only to have their father unload on him.  Tracy reminds her that she’s bent over backwards for both Luke and Lucky and they’ve made choices that are not her business.  Lulu doesn’t want to hear criticism, so Tracy tells her she loves her and to call if she needs her. 

Anthony gets home to find Sonny and Max waiting for him.  Sonny says he got the message, but if Anthony uses another family member for a message again, Sonny will use his only family member and it won’t be pretty.

Dante goes to the Star to look for Lulu, but finds a note from her saying she’s gone to find Luke.  Tracy shows up and is upset that Lulu is trying to fix things, because it will likely end in disaster.  Dante says Lulu needs their support and is going after her. 

Liz shows up at Wyndemere and Nikolas asks if Lucky set the house on fire, which Liz acknowledges.  Nik goes off on a tangent about Luke, and how he thought he had done it since he always said he would.  Liz says she’s not there about the fire, but that she needs to tell him that Aiden is not his son. Nik doesn't believe her.

Liz points out the resemblance to Lucky, so she got another test done proving Lucky is the father. She didn't tell him immediately because she was in shock because of Jake.  She explains Lucky was giving up and was about to take a drink, so she told him the truth about Aiden. He says Lucky committed arson and was ready to pick up a drink, so she lied to save him. Nikolas thinks she was afraid to lose Lucky to Siobhan, so she faked the test.    Nik believes Aiden is his son and although he feels bad for her and Lucky, there is no way he’s going to hand over his son as a replacement for Jake. 

Liz is shocked by Nik's words, but he continues on saying that she would do anything for Lucky, including lie and give him Aiden.  Nikolas tells Liz to go to Lucky and tell him that she lied.  Liz says denying it won’t make it go away.  Nikolas tells her he can forgive her for this, but to never mention it again.