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One Life to Live Recap: Big Shot

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Todd:  Jack... he’s going down this path that is very dangerous and really scaring me... and it feels very familiar to me.  What do I do?  I just... Ugh... I start channeling my father.  I start channeling Peter Manning, my so-called father.

Todd busts Jack trying to make a phone call, and takes him to task.  As Todd worries about all the possible charges, Jack maintains that his actions were an accident.  He thinks Todd should offer someone, anyone, a payoff to make everything go away, and Todd is dumbfounded.  He blasts Jack for reneging on promises to leave Shane alone, and he mocks him for thinking the barbell incident was notable.  He thinks Shane should have dropped the barbell on Jack’s head for being an idiot.  Jack defiantly invokes Marty’s name and suggests that while his crime was an accident, it doesn’t compare to Todd’s rape history.

Tea informs Rex that he cannot legally marry Gigi now that she’s unable to consent.  He throws her out, but not before unnerving her by vowing to go after Jack with everything he has.  Echo arrives to offer sympathy and apologies for being out of reach at a photo shoot.  They address Echo’s lies regarding his paternity, and Rex shrugs them off (she actively used Rex to sidle up to Charlie; way to have Viki’s back!)

John comments that Brody looks terrible, and Brody remarks that he got no sleep at the ASH.  When John is surprised by the move, especially given Jessica’s return, Brody squirms.  It’s... complicated.  John receives the forensic report regarding Gigi’s death, and he and Brody head out to make an arrest.

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Todd grabs Jack and is about to hit him when Tea interrupts and shuts down the scene.  Todd confides in her his fears, and she suggests that for everyone’s sake, they remain calm and cool.  A “candygram” arrives in the form of John and Brody, who present a warrant, arrest Jack, and haul him away in handcuffs.

Rex fills in Echo on everything, and he’s crushed by how Clint getting Gigi’s heart feels like she’s being killed for a second time.  Echo gives him Gigi’s mail, and after she leaves, Rex discovers a glimmer of hope.  Like the responsible and thoughtful woman she was, Gigi updated her will to include a healthcare proxy which names Rex.  All it needs is Gigi’s signature.

Jessica cracks that she’s surprised Natalie didn’t stay with her new boyfriend, and Natalie apologizes, but Jess snips that she can have Brody; it would be too crowded now anyway.  Nat blasts Jessica for abandoning Brody and her children, and Jessica counters that fiancés should be off-limits and how would Natalie like it if Jessica took John for a whirl. 

Natalie calls Jessica on giving up her life, and unlike Jess and her mental vacation, Nat faced reality, which included her multitude of lies, and she owned responsibility.  Jess accuses Nat of using Tess as an excuse to be a slut, but Natalie thinks if it works for Jessica, why not?  Life went on, and Jess needs to catch up rather than expect others to stop and coddle.  Natalie’s happy to hear Jessica has a doctor’s appointment scheduled, but Jessica doesn’t care about pleasantries.  She vows payback and threatens to begin with John.

Dorian and David return from California fighting over a bra found in David’s dressing room.  She thinks he’s having an affair with the Reel Dorian, but he promises he’s been completely faithful and she’s simply paranoid.  While he fetches champagne and caviar, scandalous pictures are delivered to Dorian via messenger. 

Starr bounces to Baz’s music until James surprises her.  She tells him about Baz, and he instantly dislike the rude and arrogant stranger.  When he dismisses his music, Starr accuses him of being jealous, but he balks.  Starr shares a reunion with David, but when David tries to snag her iPod, she goes all Princess-Jessica-level of entitlement on him.  James calls out her selfish outburst, but Starr claims that David hijacks items and never returns them.  After James leaves, Starr grabs her crack music before wandering off.

David explains that all actresses are crazy, this one especially, but she did try to seduce him, though he declined and threw her out.  Dorian wonders why he didn’t tell her sooner, and he reminds her of her tendency to flip out; he didn’t want to risk the project.  He swears to Dorian being the sole recipient of his love and fidelity, and she softens, though she wonders who forged the photos.  Meanwhile, Echo meets with and pays the messenger while vowing revenge.

Blair and Tomas return to the hotel from an all-night search for “spoiled brat” Sebastian (Baz).  He enters shortly after, dripping disdain for Tomas and the backwoods town of Llanview.  Blair blasts him for insulting her home and thinks he needs to be taught manners, and he has enough sense to apologize and admit, in eyeing Blair, that Tomas has good taste.  Yvette accuses Baz of leaching off of her for too long, so she agrees to divorce Tomas in exchange for Baz.  She leaves, but not before cryptically warning Blair to be careful.  Baz and Tomas disagree about moving to Llanview, so Blair makes an offer: access to music equipment at Capricorn.