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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie shows up at the penthouse looking for Jason and explains to Sam about Spinelli’s new personality.  Sam wonders if Spin is having fun at her expense, but Maxie doesn’t buy that. 

Jason shows up at the hospital to get Spinelli on the computer to look for some missing money and is surprised to find Jackal PI instead.  Spinelli says he doesn’t know how to work computers.  When Maxie and Sam arrive, Jason drags Sam away and asks her to fix Spinelli, but she seems to like the new version.  Spinelli tells Sam he wants juicier cases and she questions his fear for her possible pregnancy.  However, new Spin isn’t concerned about it.  

Alexis tells Kristina that her trip to the Dominican will cost her the school trip to Cancun, the Davis women trip to Manhattan and a six o'clock curfew.  Alexis wonders if Kris is trying to get Ethan killed, considering Sonny’s feelings about him.  Kristina points out that it was Alexis who told Sonny that Kris and Ethan had run off to get married, when he was in fact, getting a divorce.  Kristina doesn’t understand why she’s being grounded for supporting a friend and says Alexis likes Ethan.  Alexis tells her she needs to find a more appropriate boyfriend. 

Sonny wants Michael to take a cushy job with the warehouse, but Michael wants to start at the bottom, because he wants an honest days work, He also doesn’t want to climb over anyone else more deserving of the job.  Sonny figures he has enough power to give Michael something better than loading trucks, but Michael wants to get there on his own merits. 

Ethan stops by to see Edward and pretends that all is fine with his marriage to Maya. He claims she is in Philadelphia and asks Edward for money to bring her back to Port Charles.  Edward lets him know that Maya called him with the truth, so Ethan won't be getting any more money. 

Ethan goes to Johnny for work, but he doesn't have anything for at least a few weeks.  Ethan explains about Maya and Johnny feels for him, knowing that Ethan had feelings for her.  Ethan brings up the war between Sonny and Anthony, and Johnny reiterates that the key is Michael. 

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When Brenda returns home, she congratulates Michael on his new job.  Sonny asks Brenda to inform Michael about her encounter with Anthony. He tells his son that the incident was an implied threat and that's the reason he doesn’t want Michael anywhere near the Zacchara's. 

When Michael leaves, Brenda questions why Sonny had her tell him about Anthony. Sonny explains that the Zacchara's are courting Michael, but Anthony overplayed his hand.  Brenda wants to spend the day with Sonny, but he says Alexis is coming over to discuss Kristina’s problems.  Brenda thinks he should to listen to what Alexis has to say, but Sonny just wants to get rid of Kristina’s crush on Ethan.  Brenda mocks Sonny’s feelings, but promises to stay out of it. Before leaving, she reminds Sonny that no father has ever won the battle over a teenage girl who thinks she’s in love. Brenda brings up the fact that she was eighteen when she fell in love with Sonny and he was more unsuitable than Ethan. She believes that you love whom you love. 

Edward goes to Jason to complain that he wasn’t invited to Michael’s graduation and offers Michael a summer internship at ELQ.  Jason points out that Michael doesn’t take advice from anyone, but Edward says Michael will listen to him. He can’t wash his hands of responsibility, since he’s the one that gave Michael to Sonny and needs to make it right. 

Abby stops by to see Michael on his first day on the job.  She says she’s looking for work and wonders if she should take Anthony up on his offer for a job with Angela Dwyer’s office.  Michael warns her to stay away from Anthony and Abby wonders if he’ll take his own advice.

Alexis shows up at Sonny and updates him on the new ground rules for Kristina.  He says he doesn’t want Kris seeing Ethan anymore, but Alexis mentions that the more Kris is forced, the more she will defy them.  Sonny feels Alexis is too soft and Kristina needs to listen to him, period.  Alexis calls him a Neanderthal.  Sonny brings up the mess with Kiefer, but Alexis says Ethan isn’t Kiefer.  Sonny’s not happy that Ethan’s a con man, but Alexis points out the hypocrisy of that considering what he does for a living.  Sonny wants the crush to end and Alexis states that Michael is living with a stripper.  Sonny says that’s different, because Michael’s a boy.  Sonny's comment forces Alexis leaves to leave. 

Ethan runs into Kristina at Kelly’s.  She explains her new curfew, but says she’s happy she went with him.  Ethan says he’s at loose ends with no job and is considering hitting the road for a while.  She asks him to come over and keep her company.

Johnny stops by the warehouse and asks why Michael isn’t going to work for him.  Michael informs him of Anthony's snooping around his family. He also tells him that he would never turn on Sonny.  Johnny thinks they can keep the families from going to war if they team up.

Edward asks Abby over to get to know her better.  He asks about work and she says she’s looking.  He offers her a position at ELQ, to start right away, but the catch is that Michael would have to come as well.

Jason stops by Sonny’s to talk about Michael.  He says Edward offered him a job at ELQ and Jason likes it, since it will keep Michael safe.  Sonny’s not as happy, because Jason always wanted out and staying with the family destroyed AJ.