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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kristina invites Ethan over, but he declines. In turn, she makes up a story that she needs to pick a place to spend her junior year abroad and wants his input.  He agrees to help her. 

Edward wants better for Michael, but Abby just wants him to be happy.  Edward feels Michael should have been raised as a Quartermaine and updates Abby on Michael's history.  He doesn’t want Michael to suffer anymore, but Abby doesn’t want to pit Michael against Sonny. 

Sonny’s afraid that if Michael works for Edward, he will turn Michael against him. Sonny feels he can keep an eye on his son if he’s working at the warehouse.  Jason claims Michael is stronger than AJ was, and Michael would learn a lot from a good company like ELQ.  Jason explains that Michael loves his father, and wouldn’t be influenced by whatever Edward says to him. Sonny doesn’t feel Edward is the best option, but Jason points out it would only be for the summer and might encourage Michael to go to college.

Johnny points out that his father is trying to start a war and Michael wonders who will stop Anthony from going after Sonny.  Johnny swears he’s always been straight with Michael and thinks working together would give Michael a chance to save Sonny’s life.   Johnny points out that his father has nothing to lose and doesn’t care enough about Johnny either, which makes Sonny vulnerable because he does care about Michael.  He lays it on pretty thick, putting the burden on Michael’s shoulders. However, Michael refuses his offer.

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Lulu asks the madam if Luke was at the whorehouse.  The madam wonders why she’s looking for Luke and Lulu makes up a story about a jewel heist and her missing boyfriend, both of which the madam doesn’t believe.  The madam warns her that Javier, the boss, won’t be happy that she’s asking questions.  The madam finally admits that Luke was there, but has already left.   Javier shows up and tells Lulu that he doesn’t want trouble in his place.  The madam tells him that Lulu is looking for Luke and Javier wonders why.

Dante asks Tracy where she thinks Luke and Lulu could be.   Tracy’s not interested in helping, since she feels Lulu needs to see her father for who he is and let him go.

Brenda pays Jax a visit and informs him that Alexis will be calling her as a witness in his custody case.  Brenda wonders if Jax wants her to say that Carly has a negative influence on her kids, but Jax wants Brenda to testify that Sonny is dangerous, which Brenda refuses to do.  Brenda tells him to go after Sonny if that will help him win custody, but to leave her out of it.  Later on, Jax brings out Joss for Brenda to meet.

Dante visits Sonny to ask if he’s heard from Luke or knows where Luke would have gone, since he wants to go after Lulu.  Sonny says Luke hasn’t touched base, but he’d likely go back to the whorehouse in Florida, something Dante doesn’t understand.  Sonny explains that Dante grew up in a great family, but guys like him and Luke grew up with fathers who beat them and they felt they deserved it. Luke needs to go where he thinks he fits. 

Johnny goes to Jason and explains that Michael turned down his offer. He also voices his concerns that Sonny and Anthony are going to start a war and thinks Michael should have accepted his offer to keep the peace. 

Abby finds Michael at the end of his first day.  He tells her he turned down Johnny’s offer because he won’t turn against Sonny.  Abby mentions her meeting with Edward and the co-job offers.  Michael thinks Edward is a manipulator, but Abby points out that he’s a lonely old man, who’s lost most of his family.

When Ethan shows up at the lake house, Kristina has candles and wine ready for him.    When she sits beside him on the couch, he moves over to the other chair.  She mentions the various places she wants to go, some of which he’s been.  She asks his opinion, but he says it’s her choice, since she’ll have forgotten about him when the time comes.  She tells him to stop acting like he doesn’t know how she feels.  Ethan says she has a crush, but she’ll get over it.  Kristina tells him to put that theory to the test with a kiss and proceeds to give him one.

Jason goes to Edward and lets him know that it’s not up to him to decide where Michael will work. Michael and Abby show up and Edward says they were just discussing his future. He wants to keep ELQ in the family, and once again offers Michael a job.  Michael says he’ll take the job, but only if Abby gets one too.