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General Hospital's Jonathan Jackson Reveals How Prayer Got Him Through Brutal, Daytime Emmy-Winning Scenes

From the moment we first watched the explosive scenes where Lucky Spencer verbally destroyed those who had betrayed him on General Hospital, we knew Jonathan Jackson was on his way to easily securing his fourth Daytime Emmy win. The gentle, emotive thespian brought two of his kids with former GH costar Lisa Vultaggio (ex-Hannah)with him backstage to field questions from the press, following his recent win for Outstanding Supporting Actor.


Is it hard for such an all-around good guy to rip apart his costars and childhood friends Rebecca Herbst (Liz) and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) during such powerful scenes?

"It is difficult, you know?," began Jackson. "Because I really love them as people, so to have to go there...I asked Tyler and Becky to come aside with me and we all said a prayer together, because I said, 'I don't really like going to these places without having a kind of covering of prayer."

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Even with the added help of his faith, however, Jackson felt the need to apologize to his longtime leading lady following the volatile scenes.

"As soon as the director would yell 'Cut', I'd say, "I'm sorry, Becky!", because I felt horrible [Laughs]. But it's the job [Laughs]. But, you know, obviously we all llove each other and don't take it personally."