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One Life to Live Spoilers: Rex Gains Control of The Buchanan Fortune!

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A secret revealed, a possible pregnancy and a kidnapping shake things up in the city of Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of June 27.

Clint/Rex: Clint will be nearing the end, which prompts Viki to call the family to his bedside. Clint and Viki will have a special moment before the family arrives. Clint is going to plead with Jessica and Natalie to mend fences. He also urges Joey to make things work with Kelly. A little later, a barely hanging on Clint will receive a visit from Rex. Rex informs Clint that he will give him Gigi's heart, if he signs over the entire Buchanan fortune. He will explain his plan to use the money and power to get back at the Manning’s for killing his fiancé to Clint. Will Clint adhere to Rex's terms and live to see another day?

Aubrey/Cutter/Vimal/Rama: Aubrey will visit the Buchanan mansion and ask Cutter for a place to stay. The two will get into a huge argument and an angry Vimal will let them have it for disturbing him. Aubrey will fire back by telling him Rama is not pregnant. The news will shock Vimal, but he will put that aside to persuade Cutter to let him, and now, Aubrey stay at the mansion. The two get Cutter to agree to let them live in the mansion, but Nigel quickly busts their bubble. He will inform them that the deed Clint signed was a fake, and everyone living in the house must vacate immediately. Will the current occupants of the Buchanan mansion leave in peace or by force?

David/Dorian/Viki/Echo: Echo will call Ionia (the woman who plays Dorian) with details of their next move in the plan to break up Dorian and David. However, Echo will be unaware that Viki will be listening in the shadows. A little later, Ionia will flirt with David, while Dorian watches. David will start to believe that Dorian doesn't trust him, which will please Echo. Will Echo succeed in breaking up David and Dorian? 

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Deanna/Nate: Nate and Deanna will fret over Rick threatening to tell the truth about them. Dani observes the two and will wonder what's going on. Will Dani figure out Nate and Deanna's secret?

Baz/James/Starr: Baz is going to annoy James to no end, but will ask him to something extraordinary for Starr. Baz will leave and soon run into Dani. Dani is going to ask her cousin to give Tomas a chance. Baz will think about it, but won't be able to get Starr off his mind. Will Baz destroy James and Starr's relationship? 

Destiny: Destiny is going to woman up and buy a pregnancy test? Is Destiny pregnant?

Todd/Tea/Jack: Todd and Tea will have it out in an epic battle over Jack. Todd will give Jack a job at The Sun and tell him to straighten up. Meanwhile, Blair is going to uncover Jack's latest stunt and how Todd handled it. Starr will beg her brother to make good decisions and not follow in their father's footsteps. Will Jack listen to his family?

Jessica/Ford/Natalie/Brody/John: Viki will advise Jessica to rethink her decision to shut out Brody. Jessica will listen to her mother and have a heart-to-heart with Brody. While this is happening, Viki will tell Natalie to make a decision about she and Brody's relationship. A little later, Brody will attempt to listen to Dr. Buhari's tape of Marty's therapy session, but Ford is going to interrupt him. Brody will tell Ford something revealing, which will lead to Ford kidnapping Jessica to the Minuteman Motel. Jessica will not corporate with Ford in the least bit, but will not turn back into Tess. She is going to make a big ruckus and cause Rama and Aubrey, who are in the next room over at the Minuteman Motel, to come over. They will get Ford to free Jessica, but she isn't through with him yet.

Meanwhile, after Natalie and Brody talk, they decide to become a couple and live as a family. Natalie will want John to hear the latest from her, so she takes off to find him. After she leaves, Brody will finally listen to Marty's tape and is shocked by its contents. He knows he must tell Natalie and will try to find her. Natalie will be talking to John, who just had a conversation with Blair about possibly giving Natalie another chance. Natalie will shut down any chance of that happening by telling him about her new romance with Brody. Brody will find Natalie talking to John and decide to keep Liam's true paternity to himself. However, Brody has no clue that a drunken Todd has told Vimal the truth about Liam's paternity. Will Vimal tell John the truth about his son? 

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (July 4):

  • Dani asks Destiny about the pregnancy test.
  • Bo and Nora make another tough decision.
  • Dorian and Viki fall into Echo's trap.
  • Original Todd arrives at Llanfair.
  • Brody and John team up to bring down Todd.
  • Jessica and Ford make a deal.