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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ethan stops the kiss and jokingly points out that it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.  Kristina says it wasn’t like she imagined, but was actually better and wants another one.  Molly and Alexis show up, surprised to find Ethan there.  Kris quickly tells her mother that she’s following the curfew rules, and Alexis never said she couldn’t have company over.  Kris says Ethan’s helping her decide on a city for her junior year. Molly gushes about Florence and how their age differences wouldn’t matter there. 

Alexis would rather Kristina pick her city for educational purposes, but Molly continues to wax poetic about lovers kissing under bridges.  Once Ethan’s gone, Alexis accuses Kristina of luring him over and deliberately misleading him. She wonders if Kris is so infatuated with Ethan that she’s willing to hurt him.  Kristina denies everything, but Alexis tells her she might be forced to side with Sonny and forbid her from seeing Ethan. 

Edward’s thrilled that Michael is ready to accept his birthright, but Michael wants Jason’s approval first and asks him for the pros and cons.  Jason points out that Edward loves him and wants Michael to succeed, but on the other hand, Edward is crafty and manipulative.  Jason leaves and Michael asks if there’s any truth to what he said.  Edward admits to those faults, but wonders if the risks outweigh the gains. 

While Edward’s on the phone, Michael questions Abby’s feelings about the whole thing and she wonders about the expectations on Michael’s shoulders.  Edward wonders if Jason scared Michael off, but Michael says he’s aware of his great grandfather’s manipulations.  Edward reveals to Michael that he drove all his family away, including Jason, which leaves Michael to take the job.  Edward says Abby will be an assistant and Michael will have an upper level position. However, Michael's interested in green technology and doesn’t want special treatment. 

Jax begs Brenda to testify for him.  Carly arrives and is angry to see Brenda there, but she keeps her cool and takes Josslyn into another room. She returns alone to tear a strip off of Jax, claiming he deliberately set up the play date with Brenda to make Carly angry, so that she’d fly off the handle in front of Josslyn. She believes it's all a part of his plan to bury her in court. Brenda questions Carly's theory, but Jax denies it.  Carly leaves with Josslyn.  Brenda wonders if he ever gets tired of the games they’re playing, but Jax swears he only wanted her to meet Josslyn. He doesn’t want to destroy Carly, but wants it known that her association with Sonny and Jason is dangerous.  Jax asks again if Brenda will testify to Sonny’s world being dangerous to kids, but she sadly leaves.

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Dante doesn’t like the way Luke treated his kids and feels Sonny wouldn’t turn his back on his kids like that.  However, Sonny says if he thought he was doing his kids a favor he would.  He points out that Olivia protected Dante, while his own mother couldn’t.  Sonny vows to never be a victim again, and Dante believes that explains why he’s so driven, while Luke is not.  Sonny points out that Luke married a rich woman and had it made, until he killed his own grandson. Now, he needs to go to a place that defines him. 

Javier explains to Lulu that Luke doesn’t want to be found and wants to know the connection.  Lulu lies again about Luke setting up her boyfriend and Javier doesn’t believe it, until Lupe steps forward and lies about the story to protect Lulu.  Javier tells Lulu to meet him in his office and he’ll let her know where she can find Luke. 

Carly goes to Jason to complain about Jax.  Jason tells her about Michael working with ELQ, but she says when hell freezes over.  Carly’s worried that Edward will turn Michael against her due to how badly she treated the Q's. Jason thinks it will keep Michael safe, which is what they all want.

Abby visits Jason because she feels she made a mistake in pushing Michael towards Edward. She’s worried about her place in Michael’s life if he likes it at ELQ, and wonders if she has the right to ask him not to take the job.  Jason tells her to be honest and tell Michael how she feels. He confides in her that he feels badly for stealing Michael from the Quartermaines and this could be a safe place for him.  Jason wonders if it’s worth losing Michael to help keep him safe. 

Brenda gets home with a gift for Sonny, but he’s not interested and she wonders why he’s not in a good mood. He explains Dante’s visit and how he and Luke are the same.  Brenda denies that, but Sonny says they’re all driven by something.  Brenda points out that Sonny has medication for his demons, but Luke’s medicine is alcohol and that’s will always cause more problems.  Their conversation moves on to Jax and Sonny badmouths him. Brenda begs him to get along for her sake.  Sonny refuses, because Jax is trying to take Josslyn away from Carly. Brenda gets angry at Sonny's response.

Brenda wonders why Sonny constantly defends Carly.  She feels Carly is unstable and mentions that Carly looked ready to kill, because she saw Brenda with Josslyn.  She accuses Sonny of being blinded to Carly being a bad mother, and points out that Carly abandoned Michael as a baby.  Sonny fires back with Brenda having kept Alec from his real father.  Sonny realizes he’s gone too far and says he doesn’t want to get into the middle of the CarJax fight. He also doesn’t want to lose Brenda. 

Michael goes to see his mother and Carly tells him she knows about the job offer from Edward and doesn’t like it.  Michael points out that she doesn’t want him working for his father, Johnny or Edward, so what does she want.  Carly says Edward only wants to control him.  Jax shows up and when told about the job, agrees that it’s a bad idea and offers to hire Michael and Abby to work for him. 

Dante shows up at the brothel and hooks up with Lupe.  He says he’s looking for a friend and wonders if there have been any unusual strangers lately.  She’s not happy with that line of questioning and starts to walk off, but he stops her and she tells him to join her in a room. 

Lulu shows up at Javier’s office, which is really just another room.  She asks for the info to find Luke and he says he’ll tell her, depending on how her “audition” goes.