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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly refuses Jax’s job offer for Michael, because she doesn’t trust him anymore.  She figures he’s only offering, so he’ll look good in court.  Jax says Edward will only make Michael’s life terrible.  Michael turns him down, but tells him to agree to joint custody for Josslyn.  Jax wants his daughter to grow up without the violence that Michael experienced.   Michael thinks it’s all about the custody issue, and brings up his sour feelings toward Carly and Sonny's custody fight. He feels Josslyn needs Carly, just like Kristina needed Sonny. Michael just wants CarJax to work out a compromise.  Jax vows that everything he does is for Josslyn. 

Abby wants Michael to have a good life, even if it’s not with her.  She asks if Jason ever loved someone at the same age, and he explains that he broke up with the woman because of Michael.  Jason updates Abby on Michael’s baby history and admits he regrets how things ended with AJ. 

Dante just wants to talk to Lupe, who says he paid for service and not info.  Dante says he’s looking for his girl, who's looking for something that isn’t there.  He just wants her to know he loves her. 

Lulu tells Javier that she won’t sleep with him. In turn, he says if she wants information about Luke, she needs to be his cocktail waitress.  Lulu agrees to serve drinks only and Javier tells her to be pleasant with no back talk. 

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Lucky tells Liz that spoke with a custody lawyer, but figures Nikolas won’t cooperate because he doesn’t believe Liz due to the way she came about getting the newest results. She brings up Helena, but Lucky says there’s no proof that Helena tampered with the first tests. 

Carly goes to Jason to complain about Jax offering Michael a job. She admits that she's torn about the situation, because the only downside would be Jax possibly using the job at the custody hearing.  She goes on to say Michael working for Edward would be a disaster.  Jason tells her he can’t talk Michael out of it, and feels he may have been wrong about the Q's.  Jason wonders if Carly could go back in time, would she still say he was Michael’s father.  She says going to him was the best decision she made, because AJ destroyed himself in the end. She's afraid Michael will go down the same road as AJ. 

Jason says Michael isn't him or AJ, he’s his own person and will make his own choices. She needs to focus on Josslyn and the custody issue.  Carly says she doesn’t know how to sit and do nothing and worries what Michael will think. Jason assures her that Michael will never hate her.

Liz has Sam come over to give her some of Jake’s things for Jason, but then changes her mind.  She tells Sam about Aiden’s paternity and her incessant lying.  Sam’s concerned about her, but tells her that people lie all the time. She knows that Nikolas and Lucky will have to figure things out for themselves first, before Liz can do anything. 

Lucky goes to Nikolas and they make small talk about Siobhan, until Lucky says they need to deal with their situation.  Nikolas explains that Liz is grieving and lied to Lucky because she wants a life with him.  He says Liz’s pain will not cost him his son.  Lucky says Helena tampered with the test and Nik should petition the court for another test, but Nik refuses. Lucky feels Nikolas will do the right thing. 

Sam goes home and tells Jason about her visit with Liz, and Aiden's true paternity.  She’s happy she found her way back to him and Jason wonders why she bothered.  Sam says she just couldn’t stay away, mostly because he allows her to be herself.  Sam wants to know what he thought when she called from the hospital and told him about the pregnancy test.  He admits that he thought it would be cool.

Lucky goes back to Liz and admits that Nikolas still thinks she’s lying.  She’s surprised he believed her and is sorry she tore the brothers apart.  Lucky admits they all hurt each other and will get past this.  Liz wishes Emily was there to help make Nik understand.  

Lupe’s helping Lulu with her cocktail outfit and points out that Javier wants her all to himself.  Javier shows up and reminds Lulu to smile for the guests. 

Lupe goes back to Dante, who continues to question her about men who frequent the place.  She talks about one that comes several times a year, but the last time he was there, he was drinking harder than usual and she was sad for his pain.  Lupe tells him to go home. As Dante gets up to leave, Lulu comes down the stairs and sees him.