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Shemar Moore: "The Young and the Restless and Bill Bell Literally Changed My Life"

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While the role of Malcolm Winters is currently occupied on The Young and the Restless, it's no secret some fans (including this one) will never stop clamoring for Shemar Moore  to return to the sudser. Even though Moore has moved on to primetime (Criminal Minds) and film (Diary of a Mad Black Woman) success, would he ever consider gracing us with that sexy smile again in Genoa City?

"Well I can't now, Darius McCrary is playing Malcolm Winters," Moore said when I posed the question to him backstage at the Daytime Emmys in Las Vegas.

According to Moore, while he will always have fond memories of the role that made him a household name, he's moved on and won't diss McCrary's take on the role.

"Nah, nah. You're not going to get me hating on my boy!" he said laughing, when I suggested McCrary could um, take a sabbatical. "I did my time, I did 8 years on The Young and the Restless, then I left and came back briefly. I did all that. I miss The Young and the Restless, and I will always cherish my time there."

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Turning serious, Moore revealed he credits Y&R for teaching him how to be the actor he is today.

"I didn't know a whole lot when I started the show. I was hungry, I was fascinated by the world of acting and I loved the idea of playing pretend and allowing myself to kind of escape into a character. Since then I developed a craft and process. But, I couldn't have done that waiting tables. I got to train every day and got to take risks and fall on my face on The Young and the Restless."

Moore went on to credit the late Bill Bell for the career he's managed to cultivate.

"Bill Bell, who is no longer with us, took a chance on me, " said Moore. "My resume was none, and there were some people in there with some things [on their resumes]. He thought I was a handsome guy and that's the world of daytime. He liked that I was hungry, and he liked my instincts. He took a chance and he didn't have to. The Young and the Restless and Bill Bell literally changed my life. I wouldn't be doing Criminal Minds, Soul Train and The Brothers. I've been here for 17 years, the longest I've gone unemployed was 3 months and that's a blessing."

Okay, so he isn't trying to take back his gig from his boy McCrary, but what about a cameo?

"Bill Bell and The Young and the Restless gave me my break and so, if I could come back and do a cameo, in my heart I would love to go back to The Young and the Restless," Moore admitted. " In the business, the politics in the Hollywood game, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to go back to The Young and the Restless. I treat my career like school. The Young and the Restless was high school,  I graduated. Now I'm on Criminal Minds, college. Hopefully I move on to grad school, chasing Denzel, Jamie Foxx and so on and so forth."

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