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Was Trevor St. John FIRED From One Life to Live or Did He QUIT?


There's an old adage that goes there are three sides to every story, yours mine and then the truth. According to sources, the truth about popular leading man Trevor St. John's upcoming exit from One Life to Live isn't quite what it seems.

"Trevor has been saying he was leaving One Life to Live for over a year," says a setsider.

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Reportedly executive producer Frank Valentini went to St. John and convinced him to extend with the show into July, in order to give his character, who may or may not be the real Todd Manning, a proper send off.

"He even got time off to do another project as part of the deal, but he still said he was leaving, right up until the last minute, then he changed his mind. By then it was too late, and storylines had been written too far in advance."

St. John's advanced notice that he didn't plan to re-up with the show caused the storylines to shift so drastically that there wasn't enough time for a quick fix to simply go back and write his character back onto the canvas, says one network insider. This coupled with the return of Roger Howarth and the serial's cancellation, made it impossible for the brass to turn on a dime once St. John changed his mind.

"They wanted him to stay until the end, but he kept saying he was done. The show took him at his word."