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Anderson Cooper Isn't Worried 'Anderson' Will Affect AC 360 or 60 Minutes Reputation

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We should start a Daytime Confidential pool betting how long it will take for The Real Housewivesof Atlanta’sNeNe Leakes to appear on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show Anderson, after it premieres this fall. 

In a report from Promax BDA, Ad Week addresses Cooper’s discussion with The Early Show’sErica Hill about whether-or-not interviewing such reality stars during the daytime would undermine him at Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN or as a contributor to 60 Minutes on CBS.

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Cooper, unsurprisingly, thinks that his reportorial reputation will remain untouched no matter how many reality stars he interviews during the day. “You can be very serious and very passionate about [serious news] and still like [Real Housewives of Atlanta star] NeNe Leakes,” he said. “People know that you can juggle different things.”

I don’t understand why this is even a topic for discussion at such a conference. Barbara Walters routinely makes a fool of herself on The View interviewing reality stars, but no one questions when she interviews a president for 20/20 or a primetime special. Katie Couric did her fair share of fluff interviews on The Today Show, but received widespread acclaim for journalistic work at CBS afterwards.  Now, she's getting her own talk show. Speaking of Today, just the other day Matt Lauer was riding around on Jim Carrey’s back like a cowboy, but he also does tough question interviews.  Why would Anderson Cooper have a problem keeping his journalistic cred for interviewing reality stars?

Anderson premieres September 12.

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