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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly tells Sonny she needs an excuse to go to ELQ to check out Michael on his first day.  Sonny says Michael needs time to settle in and warns her that if they push Michael too hard, he’ll just shut down on them.  Carly feels Edward knows that Abby is the bridge to Michael. She fears he will trash them to Michael and inflict emotional damage.  Sonny trusts Michael to know what to do if Edward tries anything. He thinks they need to have faith in Michael and keep the lines of communication open.

Carly mentions Jax’s job offer and believes it would be safer, but Sonny feels Jax would be using Michael as a pawn. He informs Carly that he’ll handle Jax.  Carly reminds him that Jax is her daughter’s father and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. 

Jax goes to Brenda to let her know that she’s on the witness list to testify at the custody hearing.  Brenda says she won’t testify against Sonny and is tired of the never-ending battles between everyone.  Jax says he’s only trying to save Josslyn from the dangers of Sonny's life. Brenda understands what Jax is going through, but she can’t sacrifice her marriage to help him. 

Brenda thinks Jax would happy if she and Sonny broke up, but Jax swears he’s not trying to ruin Brenda’s marriage. He reiterates that his only concern is Josslyn.  She understands his feelings because of Alec, but she loves Sonny and won’t go against him for Jax.  Jax says he’s going to keep her name on the list, but she refuses once again. Jax's reminds that she'll be under oath either way it goes.

Michael and Abby are getting ready for their first day.  Abby gets him to wear a tie to make a good first impression.  At ELQ, Edward welcomes them and hopes they hit the ground running.  Abby’s ready to get started.  Michael’s surprised at the cushy new office and reminds his great grandfather that he wanted an entry-level position.  Edward tells him that he could be running the whole thing in a few years.  Edward introduces them to Asher, who will be helping them settle in.  He explains that Abby will be assisting both Asher and Michael. 

Nikolas is on the phone making arrangements to fly to Zurich with both boys.  Lucky shows up and reminds him that Aiden is his son and they need to talk about the transition.  Lucky says he doesn’t want to fight and knows Nik has been an amazing father.  Nikolas points out that Liz is lying, because the timing is too convenient.  Lucky doesn’t agree, saying Liz was too upset about Jake to lie.

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Nikolas asks if Jake were still alive and Jason wanted him back, would Lucky fight for him?  Nikolas wonders how Lucky can trust Liz, but Lucky says she’s different due to Jake’s death.  Nikolas says Liz wants Aiden to be a replacement for Jake and tells Lucky he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on.  Lucky reminds him of their animosity when they first realized they were brothers and where they are now.  Nik admits he loves him, but can’t give him what he wants. 

Patrick tells Steven that he hasn’t been sleeping because of his guilt in Lisa's downfall.  Steve reminds him that someone had to stop her.  Liz stops by and lets them know that she’s decided to take some time off.  Robin says she deserves a break with all she’s been through.  Liz tells them about Aiden being Lucky’s son and Nik is having a hard time with it.  Steve points out that it’s what she wanted

The Drakes are shocked, but Robin feels she should reach out to Nikolas and is sure Lucky will step up.  Steve thanks them for their support, but he has an assignment for them.  He’s aware that something wrong happened in Siobhan’s surgery and wants them to go over the details of the surgery to find it.  Patrick promises to be objective, despite Matt being the surgeon.  After they’ve examined everything, they conclude that Matt made no mistake, which means someone else did. 

Lucky goes to Liz and tells her that Nikolas is still not accepting the truth.  Liz wonders what they’re supposed to do now. Lucky mentions that Nik has spoken to lawyers and can make things really ugly for them.  Lucky realizes that Nikolas is planning on leaving the country with Aiden, so they both take off to Wyndemere.

Nikolas goes to Emily’s grave and tells her he’s leaving for good and taking Aiden. He doesn’t want him to be a pawn in a custody battle, just like he was.  He says he was too busy grieving over her to do what he needed to with Spencer. Nik wishes Emily were there, because he doesn’t know what to do and she would have told him.

Jax drops by Carly’s and lets her know that Alexis has the list of people that will need to be deposed, which includes Michael and Morgan.  Carly wonders what’s wrong with him. He claims to love Morgan, yet plans on dragging him through an ugly fight, ultimately forcing him to choose between Jax and Sonny.   She begs him to rethink his decision and feels he’s pushing her too far.  

When Brenda gets home, Sonny asks her to go to Edward and talk about Michael.  Brenda accepts the position of being his spy.  Sonny points out that Edward is controlling and a master manipulator.  Brenda says Edward isn’t evil, but just excited about Michael.  The two start to kiss and Sonny sees a letter on the desk. He gets upset when he realizes it’s Jax’s subpoena.  Brenda comments that she asked Jax not to subpoena her, and Sonny wonders what she’s talking about.

Michael appears bored by his new position, but Abby shows up excited by what she’s seen so far and promises him that he’ll find what he likes.  The two don't know that Edward is listening at the door.  Later on, Asher and Abby are talking and he voices his concern with Michael’s disinterest in the job. Abby quickly assures him that Michael is simply adjusting and mentions his interest in green technology.  Asher claims that’s his interest as well and brings up the fact that he went to Harvard.  Michael listens in and doesn’t seem happy. 

Liz and Lucky arrive at Wyndermere to find it empty.  Liz is upset that she made Nikolas the enemy, but Lucky says he’ll call Alexis to see if she knows Nik's whereabouts.  They return home to find Nikolas and Aiden sitting on the couch.  Nikolas admits that leaving would not have been fair to anyone, especially Aiden.