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Jeff Zucker Chats Up Katie Couric Talk Show

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Now that ABC’s deal with Katie Couric, to host her own talk show, is a done, longtime Couric friend and former NBCUniversal president and CEO Jeff Zucker is talking about their upcoming project.  The Hollywood Reporter filed this report from Promax BDA, where Zucker appeared with CNN’s Ali Velshi at a Q&A session.

“I think Katie is a unique brand in television. The mere fact that we can just say, 'Katie,' and everyone knows who you’re talking about is evidence of that fact. I think what people have missed for a long time is the Katie who was part of …the Today show and who is big enough to have fun and be serious all in one show. That’s really what you’ll see [on her talk show]. That’s what her brand is. It’s a brand that has credibility and fun. Our hope is we take that into that program. It’s a tremendous opportunity.”

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