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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie wants Jason’s help in fixing Spinelli, but he informs her that this version of Spinelli doesn’t listen to him and hopes he stays away from Sonny.  Maxie blames herself for Spin getting shot, but Jason reminds her that Lisa was crazy and Spin is a hero for saving the woman he loves.  Maxie figures that deep down, Jason is just a big old teddy bear and tells him he needs to ask Sam to marry him.  She lets him know that Sam wants to get married, but is too afraid to tell Jason.   

Spinelli pulls a gun on Sonny, who wonders what’s wrong with him.  Sonny takes the gun and wants Spin to hack into files and find his money.  Spinelli says the computer geek doesn’t exist anymore.  Sonny points out that Jackal PI is a character in a book that Spin and Diane wrote and not a real person.  Spinelli feels he’s not a character but Sonny doesn’t care, he just wants his money back.  Sonny calls Jason to come deal with things. 

Matt tells Liz that she gave Siobhan the wrong medication, but Liz swears she didn’t.  Matt explains that they did an inventory and found that Heparin was used.  Liz is shocked and upset that she let him down and almost killed Siobhan.  Matt blames it on her grief over Jake’s death and Steven's judgment on letting her return to work so soon.

Lucky’s not happy to find Helena with Aiden and accuses her of tampering with the tests.  Helena denies it and says Liz lied because she wanted him back.  Helena wonders why Lucky doesn’t see Liz for the conniving bitch that she is, and insists that Aiden is not his son. 

Lucky assures Helena that she won’t convince him of anything. He knows that raising a Spencer as a Cassadine and training him to hate his family would be the ultimate revenge for her. Helena accuses him of having a vivid imagination and insists Liz tampered with the results. 

Lulu’s getting ready for her first shift at the brothel, when Dante breaks in to see her.  He’s upset that she’s going undercover in a brothel to wait for Luke, who might not come back.  He points out that Lucky didn’t succeed when he came looking, which angers Lulu. Lulu feels she will be able to succeed, because she has a different relationship with her father than Lucky does.  Dante thinks she’s throwing her life away. 

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Robin and Patrick discuss Liz’s mistake.  Robin doesn’t think Liz was aware of the mistake. Despite her reservations about Liz, she didn’t want to be judgmental.  She questions why Patrick is still going over his records from Jake’s surgery. He wants to know what went wrong, so that next time he can be better.  Robin points out that he saved Jake three times on the table before he hemorraged out and believes no surgeon could have saved Jake.  Patrick thinks his father could have, but Robin doesn’t want him wasting time comparing himself to Noah. 

Jason explains to Sonny that Spinelli had a bad reaction to the surgery but Sonny doesn’t care, he just wants Spinelli to find his money.  Spin makes a comment about not looking the other way if Sonny breaks the law, but Jason drags him away.

Lulu shows up late for her shift and Lupe warns her that Javier is not happy. Lupe knows the brothel is no place for a girl like her.  Javier tells her to smile and serve the customers.  Dante shows up to talk to Lupe.  Javier tells Lulu to ask for his drink order and listen in on the conversation.  When Lulu asks Dante, he says he wants to pay her for her time, because he finds her appealing. 

Liz gets home and apologizes to Lucky for almost killing his wife.  She explains what happened and says she should have her license revoked.  Lucky assures her that accidents happen, but Liz feels people will think she did it on purpose.  Lucky knows she’d never hurt anyone and she thanks him for believing in her, but she’s afraid no one else will. 

Maxie shows up at Sonny’s demanding to know what he’s done to Spinelli, and insists that Sonny not harm him.  Maxie starts listing all the things she's done for Sonny and confesses that she’s been dressing Kristina, which is a sore point for him.  Sonny promises not to hurt Spinelli, but someone has to find his money.

Sam’s surprised to see Spinelli at the penthouse, since he needs to be in the hospital.  He says he needs to get back into the game and heads out.  Jason tells her about the missing money and she offers to try and hack the files herself. However, Jason figures it will be impossible to figure out what Spin has done with the money.

Sonny tells Maxie to help Spinelli get his identity back, so he can find the money.  Maxie points out that she’s with Matt now, and won’t sleep with Spinelli.  Maxie steps closer to Sonny to fix the collar of his shirt, while Spinelli watches from outside.

Sam’s concerned about how to help Spinelli and makes a comment about Maxie.  Jason questions Maxie’s accuracy and starts to babble about asking for things he hadn’t thought about.  Sam wonders if he’s talking about having a baby, but then realizes it’s about marriage.