Joanna Johnson Drops In on B&B For Short Stint

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Look for the character of Karen Spencer to popon The Bold and the Beautiful, beginning July 22. According to TV Guide, Joanna Johnson is reprising the role when Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie (Heather Tom) renew their wedding vows. 

TV Guide Magazine: So give us the plot scoop. What's up with this vow renewal? 

Johnson: Katie calls Karen, who is coming to town for a Spencer Publications board meeting and asks her to come a day early but doesn't say why. It's a surprise to all the guests, including Bill, that Katie is having a minister come over to renew their vows. It's the same minister who married them originally, and all the same guests [Brooke, Donna, Justin, Stephen] plus a few new ones [Pam, Liam, Hope]. Supposedly, Karen has been running the New York office of Spencer Publications, which was news to me. I was wondering where she went. [Laughs] I kinda thought she'd gone back to the trailer park along with Dorothy Lyman.