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Dr. Oz "Honored" to Take Over Oprah's Time Slots


You would think

Dr. Mehmet Oz

would be sweating bullets as he accepts the time slot throne his boss and friend

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Oprah Winfrey

recently left him when she vacated daytime for cable. Not so says the host of

Dr. Oz


"I don't feel pressured, I feel honored by the spot. I feel a responsibility to give to the audience what she has done so beautiful for 25 years. You really learn this when you're around her a lot. She recognized people don't change what they do based on what they know. They change on what they feel, when you get that visceral awareness in your heart, it's important to do it. So for me, it's all about getting people to trust the good in me. And that trust is not just because they think you are honorable, it's also because they think you're competent. That marriage creates a trust that folks will follow you to."

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