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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Stephanie And Thomas Face Consequences!


Thomas/Stephanie: All of Grandma and grandson's lies are out in the open. Taylor flips and rips La Forrester a new one for what she's done. Thomas reveals to Steffy he did it all because of jealousy of her status at Forrester Creations.

Stephanie/Brooke/Thomas: La Forrester confides in Eric about everything. Later, Eric assists Stephanie in figuring out a way to make amends with Ridge and Brooke. Meanwhile, Thomas goes to visit Brooke and shocks her with the lie he spun. Thomas also fills in Logan on his parents wedding being destroyed by the same lie. Afterwards, Brooke comes face-to-face with Stephanie, with hat in hand.

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Thomas/Dayzee: Things go from bad to worse for the Forrester heir. He and his lady Dayzee talk about their future. Dayzee is still upset over Thomas' actions centering around Ridge and Brooke's marriage going up in flames. She dumps him.

Steffy: The Forrester hellcat pleads with Ridge not to leave Taylor for Brooke. A distraught Steffy goes to meet Bill and winds up in an accident!

Ridge/Taylor: The chiseled one and Doc head off to find Steffy.

Thorne: He reveals his true feelings about the family to Eric.