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DC EXCLUSIVE: Terri Ivens Dishes NOH8, Big Snakes and How She'd Bring Simone Back Before The All My Children Finale

While the recently-returned and not-quite-dead Dixie Cooney (Cady McClain) may be the one, great love of Tad Martin's (Michael E. Knight) life on All My Children, many fans would argue the former cad had his raunchiest romps with Simone Torres! 


I recently caught up with the hilarious, gorgeous Terri Ivens, who played silly, sex bomb Simone from 2001–2006, to chat about her upcoming spread for the NOH8 Campaign, big snakes, reality series, SyFy movie monsters (She's starring with fellow soap alum Rib Hillis in the upcoming Piranhaconda) and the unique manner in which she'd like to see Simone pay Tad one last visit before All My Children wraps this Sept. 23.

Daytime Confidential: What made you want to be part of the NOH8 Campaign?

Terri Ivens: My love for @cosmopaulitan and @jasonspitzer79 on Twitter. Shameless plug here: Follow me @terriivens[Laughs]! I believe our decisions are made based in love or fear. Many times when things are unfamiliar to us, we react in fear, whether it’s the instant we see a spider or someone cuts us off on the road. I choose to be one percent better in my choices everyday. Even if I fall short, I’ll be over 100 percent wiser next year! NOH8 is exactly that. No fear, no hate, just love.

DC: What was it like working with that giant snake during the NOH8 photo shoot?

TI: You mean the enormous albino python? It scared the bystanders out of the studio [Laughs]!! It was calmly explained to me, if anything went wrong, I’d be the last one to know!  Seriously though, Jules [Sylvester], the owner of, is the leader in movie-making creatures from big scorpions/spiders to snakes. It was an amazing experience to survive.

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DC: Soap fans will always remember you as the sassy Simone on All My Children. Are you sad to see the show going off the air this September?

TI: I am no different than the multi-millions of fans who have rallied to save their favorite characters and story from extinction. I do understand the economic condition that has plaged not only the entertainment business, rather a majority of our world industries. We live in changing times boldly since 9/11, and we all know how it has individually affected us. The soap opera has been the recipe for every reality show that has been conceptualized, a much cheaper product to make.

DC: A lot of AMC characters who were previously thought to be deceased are scheduled to pop back up in Pine Valley alive and kicking before the finale. Could Simone be one of them?

TI: Never say never! I was one of the few who, by fan outcry, returned as a ghost for a year after death [Laughs]. I would love to come back in a sex/dream scene of Tad’s [Michael E. Knigh]! No more needs to be said. We all know how funny and steamy Tad’s dream of Simone would be.

DC: Why do you think daytime soaps seem to be falling out of favor with the broadcast networks?

TI: Simply, advertising dollars. Soap opera was created to sell soap to stay-at-home mothers. We live in an economic time of two-income families. The creation of Tivo/DVR/syndicated networks capsulized the domination of the original big three and FOX.

DC: Many TV pundits are saying reality series like those in the Real Housewives franchise, Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With The Kardashians are the "new soap operas." Would you ever do a reality series?

TI: Hmm…

DC: Finale question: Which SyFy mega beast could kick the others' ass, Sharktopus or Piranhaconda?

TI: I want to witness that battle! I want to star in that movie! Piranhaconda is a mother of a beast! I vote Piranhaconda [Laughs]!