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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante wants Lulu's services, but Javier says her job is to serve drinks only.  Dante offers more money and is allowed to take Lulu up to one of the rooms.  Lulu tells him she’s not leaving until she hears from Luke, which Dante points out, could be weeks, months or years.  Dante says Luke wouldn’t want to find her in a brothel, but Lulu feels she now understands her father better and can’t leave until she talks to him.  Dante tells her that she needs to leave immediately, no matter if she’s heard from Luke or not. 

Edward’s curious about Abby and Michael’s first day, when Carly shows up wanting to discuss Michael’s ELQ stock.  Michael knows that his mother is only there to check up on him and says he had a boring day of counting the birds, whereas Abby had a great day.  Carly tells Michael that he should trust his gut and leave if it’s not right for him, but Michael’s grateful for the opportunity and wants to do his best not to disappoint Edward. 

After Michael and Abby leave, Carly’s not thrilled with Edward, who reminds her that the job is simply a safe summer position and that Michael is old enough to make his own decisions.  Carly tells him she won’t let him take her son, but Edward points out that she might not have a choice. Edward says he had high hopes for Carly when she first hooked up with AJ, but the years have not been kind to his family.  Carly brings up his other heirs, like Dillon and Ned, who can work for ELQ. She feels it doesn’t have to be Michael, but Edward believes Michael is unique and has survived a lot. He knows the young man will end up being the finest Quartermaine.  Carly reminds him that Michael is a Corinthos, not a Quartermaine. 

Edward says he has some friends who are judges and could call in a favor if he wants.  He reminds Carly that she took Michael away from the Q's when he was about Josslyn’s age, and that hurt him a lot. He goes on to finish by snidely saying Carly wouldn’t want to lose Josslyn, as well as Michael.  Carly asks if he’s threatening her.  

Anthony finds Kristina wandering around without protection and proceeds to accuse her and her family of all the horrible acts against Zacchara family members.  He tells her that he can easily make her disappear and her parents wouldn't be able to anything about it.  Ethan pulls Anthony away, which doesn’t impress Anthony, who calls him a drunk like his father.  Ethan says he’d still be able to knock Anthony on his ass.  Kristina threatens that her mother could get Anthony back in prison, since she has some pull in the DA’s office, but Anthony doesn't care.  Ethan warns him that if he approaches Kristina again, Anthony won’t have Sonny to worry about, because Ethan will kill him himself.  Anthony doesn’t appreciate being threatened by Johnny’s lackey and storms off.

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Ethan warns Kristina that she needs to stay away from Anthony.  She’s thrilled he came to her rescue and feels they have a special connection. Kris knows he’ll put his life on the line for her, since they’re more than just friends.  Ethan tries to slow her down by saying she’ll be over him by the end of the summer, and sends her home in a cab. 

Spinelli accuses Sonny of hitting on Maxie, who reminds Spin that it shouldn’t matter because she’s involved with Matt and not him.  Spinelli calls Sonny a low life, which doesn’t sit well with Sonny, who continues to tell Spin to find his missing money.  Maxie explains to Sonny that Spin’s condition is temporary, but Spinelli continues to goad Sonny.  Brenda comes down, complaining that her son is sleeping and they’re making too much noise. She doesn’t understand why Spin is behaving the way that he is.  Maxie’s angry that Brenda doesn’t care that something is wrong with Spin and drags him out. 

Steven updates Olivia on the Siobhan/Liz situation, and blames himself for not seeing that Liz wasn’t ready to go back to work so soon. He feels guilty that she could lose her job.  Olivia tells him not to blame himself and not to resign. 

Ethan runs into Michael and Abby at Kelly’s discussing their first day at ELQ.  Ethan says Kristina won’t take no for an answer and explains the run in with Anthony. He begs for Michael’s help in making Kris back off.  Michael says he’s never been able to talk Kristina out of anything, but Abby has an idea to pretend to cheat on Michael with Ethan, which would push Kristina away.  When Kristina shows up, Ethan makes a big deal out of having had private dances from Abby.  

Sonny tells Alexis to resign as Jax’s attorney, but she reminds him that Jax will simply find himself another attorney and it will be worse.  Sonny feels that Carly is trying to be reasonable, but Jax is trying to destroy her and his marriage to Brenda, by having Brenda testify.  Alexis says she’s trying to get Jax to settle.

Maxie tells Spinelli that he needs to stop harassing her, since she’s with Matt. He needs to work on finding Sonny’s money.  Spin kisses her, but she pushes him off and offers to take him back to the hospital.  Anthony shows up and Spinelli confronts him, saying they need to settle some things.  Anthony is amused at this weird side of Spin, who warns Anthony to stay out of his way.  Maxie tries to help by telling Anthony that Spin has no idea what he’s saying.  Anthony grabs Spin and tells him to come and get him anytime, because he would love to kill Spinelli in self-defense. 

Javier is suspicious of Dante and tells him to leave his establishment.  Lupe overhears Javier get a call from Luke and tells Lulu about the call. 

Brenda’s angry when Carly marches into the house like she pays rent and tells her to leave. Carly doesn't care and informs Sonny that Jax is calling both boys as witnesses, which will force them to relive all the horrible things they’ve experienced.  The news sparks Sonny’s rage at Jax.