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One Life to Live Recap: Firework

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Brody:  I’m gonna be the best father to you, Liam, and you won’t miss John.  Neither will Natalie... as long as she never hears this tape.

Author’s note:  Firstly, my apologies, ladies and gentlemen, for the unexpected hiatus.  I was spirited away on an impromptu vacation, which was followed by a family crisis, and this column paid the price.  Back to our regularly scheduled recap (hopefully)...  Secondly, I missed about ten minutes due to a special report.  From what I understand, I'm relieved to have missed it.

Brody fears he must give up his current family.  Natalie enters the nursery and worries about Brody, who voices his concern that he will lose her and Liam to John.  Natalie vows that she’s committed to their family, and when Brody challenges her true happiness, she insists what they have is real and it makes her happy. Besides, it’s time to move on from John.  When Natalie steps out, Brody wars with himself about revealing the truth of Liam’s paternity until he ultimately decides to keep quiet.  Natalie returns to share her elation that Clint’s surgery was a success, and she leaves to visit her father.  Brody and Liam watch the fireworks, and thoroughly invested in his family, Brody vows never to repeat his secret (and his character assassination kicks into overdrive).

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Vimal shows up at Rodi’s to talk to John, but he’s uninterested.  As Vimal drunkenly rambles and touches John, much to his chagrin, Todd peers through the window.  Before Vimal can spill, they are interrupted by Todd and an alert from the police about possible criminal activity involving Ford.  John leaves to attend to business, and Todd uses the opportunity to manipulate Vimal.  First, he threatens Vimal with bogus charges regarding Liam’s paternity secret. Then, he lies that Jack is innocent and John is trying to railroad him. Finally, he aims to buy Vimal’s silence with a job, warning that if he declines, “bad things happen to people who make [him] angry.”

Ford is surprised when a kidnapped Jessica apologizes to him.  She admits she’s unable to handle normal issues, and suggests he got caught in the crosshairs.  He waxes poetic about how Tess is horrible, but she loved him and he loves her, and Jessica is sympathetic to his losing her. John and a uniform ambush them, but Jessica refuses to press charges, claiming the St. Ann’s escape and current abduction were both “a misunderstanding.”  After a skeptical John leaves, Jessica decides to return to the hospital to check on Clint, and Ford offers her a ride.  He cracks a “too soon” joke about her riding in the front, but they smile and decide to discuss how best to share their son.  Outside, they stare wistfully at the fireworks.

Upon John’s return, Vimal clams up and apologizes for bothering him.  Before Todd leaves, he shakes Vimal’s hand and transfers a wad of cash.  John eyes Vimal as he sits and watches the fireworks while letting a call from Rama go to voicemail.

David and Dorian continue to bicker about David’s fidelity, and David tries to show his commitment by getting naked.  They’re interrupted by a horrified Blair, who’s bothered by Jack and Todd’s untruthfulness.  Dorian dismisses David to offer support to Blair, who believes John’s suspicion that Todd paid off Brad’s dad.  Dorian encourages Blair to do what’s best for Jack, but Blair is momentarily irritated that Todd is ignoring her calls.  David returns in his patriotic Speedo, much to Blair’s disgust, so she leaves.  He again appeals to Dorian, who finally relents and admits she knows David would never go for hamburger when he has Filet Mignon at home.

Joey and Kelly share a “mutual” kiss and process what it means.  Kelly realizes she has changed her mind about being just friends, but while her heart is invested, her brain is telling her to run.  Joey apologizes for acting like “an ass” and trusting Aubrey". He begs for a chance to start over.  He receives word that Clint’s surgery was successful, and he and Kelly bond further over the news.  As they watch the fireworks, they cuddle. When Joey wants to visit with his father, she offers to keep him company, and he readily accepts.

Aubrey and Rama eavesdrop outside Ford’s motel room, and Rama encourages Aubrey to call the police.  When loud knocking occurs at their door, they panic and attack the intruder who turns out to be Cutter.  Aubrey has zero sympathy for his mansion eviction, and when Rama mocks him, Aubrey snarks that Rama sides with whoever is picking up her tab.  Rama steps outside (but listens with a glass, and shouts her opinion through the door) as Aubrey apologizes to Cutter for hurting him amidst hurting many others.  Cutter wanted a future with Aubrey, but no more, although he does request a place to stay.  She takes pity on him, and before bed, he tries to entice her into more scams, but she declines.  They go to sleep, as a wistful Rama remains outside watching the fireworks.