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ABC Source Points to "Inaccuracies" in AMC/OLTL Moving Online Rumor; Promises Press Release

TV Line
's Matt Webb Mitovich has managed to get a lead while hunting for the truth behind the New York Post's report that All My Children and One Life to Live are set to continue online.


TVLine did some checking around. While a Prospect Park rep did not immediately get back to us and an ABC Daytime spokesperson declined to comment, a well-placed ABC source did tell us that the Post‘s reporting contains “inaccuracies.” The insider could not elaborate on the errors — Will only existing episodes be streamed? Are Lucci and her hefty paycheck in fact not part of the deal? — but soap fans shouldn’t be kept guessing for long. I’m hearing that a press release regarding the rumored “rescue” is due out soon.

I sure hope this press release comes sooner rather than later. We already went through this type of emotional roller coaster with the end of the P&G soaps. Fans hopes soared with each passing rumor, only to be ultimately crushed. From where I'm blogging though, if AMC and OLTL manage to find their way online, even as parred down, streamlined, spinoff versions, it would be a win. It would also be a win if they simply air re-runs of the sudsers for now.

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Look at what happened with The Game. That show was cancelled on The CW, but due to the massive ratings its re-airings netted for BET, they put a new season in production two years after the dramedy was cancelled. If classic eppys generate enough online views, who knows, perhaps they would produce new eppys? Granted the majority of the soap viewing audience skews over 50 and might not be watching TV online, but at least something is potentially being done to keep these iconic brands around.

This is all speculation until someone goes on record, but we all know the days of five-day-a-week, open-ended, English language soaps on traditional television are coming to an end. I'm sorry, but that is a fact. Demanding nothing less than for soaps to continue on daytime, or on cable—as they are now—is misguided and will only lead to mass fan heartache when that outcome just doesn't happen. If Prospect Park, or anyone else for that matter, can make a go of this, I for one will support them.