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MOTHER of SOAP JESUS: Will All My Children and One Life to Live Continue ONLINE?!!!

Okay, it isn't April 1, so I am hoping it's okay to post this. If not it won't be me that has egg on my face, it will be the New York Post, which is claiming ABC has reportedly sold the rights to All My Children and One Life to Live, both of which—according to the report—will live continue online?!


Disney’s ABC has sold the online rights to the two long-running soaps, which are scheduled to go off the air in September, as part of a deal with TV, film and music company Prospect Park, The Post has learned.

Sources said the daily dramas will pick up where they left off on a new, as-yet-unnamed, TV-focused online network once the soaps finish their four-decade run on ABC.

Prospect Park, founded in 2008, is run by executives Rich Frank, a former Disney Studios boss, and Jeff Kwatinetz. Both are executive producers of USA Network’s hit show, "Royal Pains."

The article goes on to claim AMC and OLTL will retain their casts and crews, including Erica Kane herself Susan Lucci. Okay. I so want to believe this, but how in high hell can web productions afford to pay all those people? Reportedly, a company named Prospect Park, which, according to the article, is planning a Hulu-style channel, has purchased the rights to the long-running serials. I suspect we will learn much more about this—one way or another—tomorrow. For now I guess we can be [cautiously] optimistic?!

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