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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Carly’s upset that anyone would accuse Michael of being a danger to his sister, but the mediator assures her she only has Joss’ best interest at heart.  Sonny shows up, yelling at Jax about kicking his ass until he begs for mercy.  Once he sees the mediator, he tries to dismiss her, but Jax wants her to stay and witness things.  The mediator feels she’s seen enough and leaves.  Jax feels Sonny’s tantrum will get him custody of Josslyn. 

Sam lets Jason know that things are fine as they are and she doesn’t need a piece of paper to prove their love.  Jason tells her he loves her, but wants to be sure that she’s happy. Sam wonders why he would think she isn’t.  Jason asks how she feels about marriage and she says she’s afraid and ashamed because of her past with the con marriages. She wants to know why they would risk the great life they’ve created.  Jason mentions his bad history and what he does for a living, but Sam claims it doesn’t bother her. 

Johnny wonders what his father’s been up to and Anthony points out that Johnny is too polite to hit Sonny where it hurts.  Johnny says he doesn’t go after women and children, but his father brings up Sonny not having a problem with that when he went after Claudia.  Johnny reminds him that Anthony pushed Sonny and Claudia together and he wants his sister to rest in peace. After he storms out, Anthony calls someone and tells them to proceed as planned. 

Brenda’s talking to Alec when Alexis shows up to give her a heads up about testifying.  Alexis tells her to be prepared to tell the court about Sonny.  Brenda wants Jax to take her off the list, because she’s not going to say that Sonny is dangerous and Carly is already hostile towards her.  Alexis says Jax is her friend and she’s been trying to guide him the right way. She honestly feels Jax’s motives aren’t sinister, and he’s only trying to do right by Josslyn. 

Kristina is happy when Ethan meets up with her, but he’s angry that she’s wandering around with Anthony as a threat.  She wants him to admit that he cares for her, which he does, but as a friend.  Ethan tells her she has a crush on him and it’s not worth him dying.  He doesn’t like that she’s acting like a naïve, selfish teenager.  Kristina wants him to be honest about his feelings. So, he tells her that she’s too young for him, and she proves it every time she pulls a stunt like this. 

Ethan paints a picture of what would have happened if Anthony had gotten to her first. He would have killed her, which would have sent her family into disaster mode, all because she wanted his attention.  Kristina says she refuses to live in fear, but Ethan points out that her father and Anthony are violent and unstable. She doesn’t live in the same world he does, or understands the situation she's put him in.  Ethan admits he likes her, but not the way that she wants. Kris wonders why he defended her on the plane back from the Dominican.  Kristina doesn’t care about the danger and refuses to be Sonny’s prisoner.  Ethan says Sonny would kill him and on top of that, he’s now made an enemy of Anthony, because Johnny can’t control his father.   

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Kristina wonders if she went away to school, would he go with her.  Ethan tells Kris she’s led a sheltered life and he’s seen things she wouldn't believe. Then, he claims to be interested in someone else.  Kris doesn’t believe he has feelings for Abby and knows that he’s pushing her away to protect her.  Kristina accuses Ethan of sucking at lying and storms off.

Carly goes to Alexis to beg her to stop Jax from taking Josslyn from her.  She claims she tried to compromise with Jax, but he wasn't having it.  Carly asks Alexis if it was her idea to claim Michael is dangerous, but Alexis says she had to turn over the criminal record.  Carly is afraid of losing Josslyn, because she feels it’s all about Jax beating Sonny at any cost.  Alexis feels it’s all a scare tactic.  Carly says she respects Alexis as a mother, but points out Alexis is helping Jax take her daughter away. She asks her to have a conscience and do the right thing. 

Sonny tells Jax to back off and let the custody continue as 50/50 or he’ll regret it.  Jax asks if that’s a threat, but Sonny says he’ll lose everything and will know he could have avoided it. 

Brenda and Alec are in the park and decide to leave. When they get return to the car, someone fires at the car, scaring Brenda. Johnny gets home to find Anthony celebrating and wonders if he should join him or do damage control.  Anthony says he’s going to bring Sonny to his knees, because it was time for Sonny's vulnerable spots to come to light. Johnny reminds him that he didn’t want women and children targeted, but Anthony says Brenda and Alec are still alive.  Anthony knows Sonny can’t retaliate, since it will hurt Carly’s custody battle. He’s ready to put Sonny in his place. 

Sam runs into Maxie and complains about her wedding planning.   Maxie starts talking about dresses, but Sam says she and Jason aren’t the marrying kind, even though she does love waking up beside Jason.  Maxie tells her to just get married already.

Jax updates Alexis on the mediator visit fiasco.  Alexis asks if that means Morgan won’t have to testify.  Jax continues his mantra of wanting to save Josslyn.  Alexis says she can’t continue to hurt people, and it’s just too hard on her. She informs Jax she’s done with the case.  Jax accepts her resignation.

Sonny assures Brenda that she’s okay, but she's still shaken up about the whole thing.  Jason arrives and lets Sonny know that the shooter deliberately missed, so as to only scare Brenda.  Sonny knows someone is sending a message and wants to send one back. 

Carly finds Jason getting ready to send a message and lets him know about Sonny and the mediator.  Jason tells her about the shots fired at Brenda.  Carly wonders if Jax was right about Josslyn being in danger because of her.  She tells Jason she knows what he’s about to do and begs him to wait until after the hearing. 

Brenda tells Sonny that the shots reminded her of the time in the shower, but this time she threw herself on her child.  Sonny’s sorry that it happened, but tells her she wasn’t in real danger because it was only a message.  Brenda says the message is clear; the wife and kids can be attacked at anytime.  Brenda reminds him she has to testify tomorrow and Sonny tells her to trust him to take care of it.