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Kim Zimmer on Ellen Wheeler: "Somebody Told Me She Was Working on a Farm Somewhere in Utah"

I really think Luke and I and the rest of the bloosphere should cut Kim Zimmer a check. From "sweating my balls off in Peapack" to her latest round of zingers in this week's Soap Opera Weekly (on newstands now), the daytime drama queen keeps giving good pull quote!


La Zimmer talked with the magazine about her new tome I'm Just Saying: Three Deaths, Seven Husbands and a Clone, My Life as a Daytime Diva, which among other things, delves into a DUI arrest and the anger issues she had to deal with because of her last few years on Guiding Light. We feel you girl; we were angry too! When asked if GL's final showrunner Ellen Wheeler had read the book, here's what One Life to Live's Echo di Savoy responded:

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I don't know. I don't totally destroy her in the book. I do come around to say that she had a job to do and she did it very well, though I didn't agree with the way she did it. She did what she was told to do. She knows how I felt about her, that was no secret to her, so if she reads it, I don't think she'll be surprised or shocked. I don't even know where she is. Somebody told me she was working on a farm somewhere in Utah. I think she was ready to get out of the business after that whole debacle there [Laughs].

Jesus take the Wheel. The outrageous Zimmer's book drops August 2! For more deets visit