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Wall Street Journal: Deal Give Prospect Park Exclusive Rights to AMC, OLTL For Over a Decade; ABC to Make Millions in Royalties

If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense. More deets are becoming available about Prospect Park's game-changing licensing deal with ABC to continue producing All My Children and One Life to Live online and via other platforms. The Wall Street Journal is reporting the pact gives the production company/media company/soap saviors exclusive rights to AMC and OLTL for over a decade and that ABC stands to rake in millions in royalties!


Prospect Park’s move to buy the shows is a gamble on the growing–but still relatively small–world of producing original, scripted content online. Earlier this year, Netflix Inc. struck a lucrative deal to buy exclusive rights to a new TV series starring Kevin Spacey. Other companies including Yahoo Inc. and AOL Inc. are also ramping up their efforts to make original web shows.

What have I been saying all this time? The future will be webivised! I am ecstatic about this move. Yes there are a bazillion questions to be answered, but for once I am gonna trust that the suits involved will be able to figure out how to monetize this endeavor. For just today, I want to be what I once was—a happy soap fan who will do anything I can to help promote the hell out of this groundbreaking, unprecedented move to keep the serialized drama alive and well. Prospect Park, you fight on the side of the angels!

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