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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz apologizes to Siobhan again and tells her that she didn’t mean to hurt her. However, Siobhan isn’t convinced, because she feels it’s about Lucky.  Liz doesn’t want Siobhan to ruin what she has with Lucky over this, but Siobhan won’t pretend to forgive and forget. She vows Liz will pay for what she’s done. 

Lucky returns from a camping trip with the boys, and Cam asks him about Spencer. He explains to the boy about Aiden’s paternity and says that Nik and Spencer are away on a trip.  Lucky lets Cam know all about DNA, and Cam tells his father he loves him. 

Carly runs into the mediator in the courthouse hallway and apologizes for possibly giving off the wrong impression. She informs the mediator she is willing to compromise.  Jax walks up and points out that he should be a part of any conversation with the mediator, who assures him that no meeting is necessary, because she has all the information she needs.

Jax wonders why Carly won’t reconsider or compromise, but Carly’s not willing to be a visitor in her daughter’s life. She feels they never should have married.  Carly refuses to give up Josslyn, while Jax still feels she can’t keep her safe. 

Sonny stops Brenda on her way to the courthouse and asks what she’s planning on telling the judge.  Sonny says Jax knew that Carly was involved with him when they married and he can’t change the rules now.  Brenda feels he can since there’s a child involved, because it’s their job to protect the children.  Sonny says his men are on high alert, but Brenda is only now aware that she needs to put Alec’s needs first. She used to think she would lie to protect Sonny, but what if a child dies because she lied.  She feels Jax has the right to be worried, because Carly is unstable and needs to grow up.  Sonny defends Carly, saying she loves her kids.

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Steve tells Robin and Patrick that Siobhan is going ahead with the lawsuit, except for Matt.  He realizes that Liz has made other mistakes and believes he should re-sign.  Robin feels they’re all at fault.  Patrick and Robin make small talk about spending time together in their Jacuzzi and at a Sade concert. 

When Brenda gets to the courthouse, Jax tells her that Alexis resigned and they are only appearing in front of the judge.  Carly wants everyone to get along, but when Sonny arrives, he stands by Carly, while Brenda stands by Jax.  Sonny tries to make small talk with Brenda, but points out that Jax wants them at odds. Brenda continues to be annoyed at Sonny's connection to Carly.

Liz goes to pick up the boys from Lucky’s and tells him about Siobhan.  Lucky promises to talk to Siobhan, because she should direct most of her anger at him for starting the fire in the first place. He assures Liz that he doesn’t believe she did anything on purpose. 

Steve decides to appoint Robin the new chief of staff, despite Patrick’s annoyance that it should go to him, since he has more experience.  Robin brings up his horrible people skills and Matt goes to bat for Robin.  Robin jokingly tells Patrick that he needs to call her “chief” when addressing her.

Lucky goes to Siobhan and talks about the camping trip with the boys and how they’re all going to be one big happy family.  Siobhan’s unhappy that is Liz included in that.  Lucky wonders why she’s suing, because he honestly believes Liz made a terrible mistake. He ’s asking Siobhan to let it go, for his sake, but Siobhan says she can’t do that.  She feels Liz is using Jake’s death as an excuse, and is jealous of Siobhan. So jealous in fact, she even showed up on their wedding night to get his attention.   She feels Liz always needs to be rescued, but saw her chance in the confusion of the lockdown, to make her mistake. 

The judge questions the mediator, who feels that Carly is very volatile and unable to provide a safe environment. She goes on to list all of Carly's major faults with her children.  The mediator admits that she feels Josslyn is in jeopardy in Carly’s house, and Jax should have sole custody.

Kristina stops by the courthouse to offer her support to Sonny, and is even willing to tell the judge how good a father he is.  Sonny tells her it would do more harm than good, because Jax would bring up the car bomb and she’d be forced to tell the truth. He promises he won’t let Jax take Josslyn away from Carly.  As Kristina leaves, he reminds her that he also won’t let her date Ethan. 

The judge questions Brenda, who says her husband is a good man who loves his kids, but admits Sonny and Jax have always been at odds.  She complains that Carly comes over all the time to bother Sonny and refuses to back off.  The judge asks point blank if Sonny is a danger to children, but Brenda deflects that.  The judge reminds her that she under oath and must tell the truth. He asks her if she has witnessed any violence since she’s been married.  Brenda tries to deflect again, but finally admits that she and Alec were shot at the previous evening, but were lucky to be unharmed.