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Debbi Morgan on Whether Jesse and Angie Can Survive His Latest Betrayal on All My Children

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Resilient is one word to describe All My Children's Dr. Angela Hubbard (Debbi Morgan). The dedicated physician has been through a lot since returning to Pine Valley in 2008. Since coming home, Angie's had to deal with the love of her life, Jesse (Darnell Williams), not only being alive, but having another wife and child;  losing her eyesight and giving birth to a stillborn daughter (unbeknownst to her), and that's only a few of the perils that have faced one of daytime's favorite Paulines.When I caught up with Morgan recently at the Daytime Emmys, the soap legend dished on whether or not Angie will be able to forgive Jesse's latest betrayal— switching their dead child with an abandoned baby. 

"You know, I think Jesse (Darnell Williams) and Angie have a strong love," Morgan began. "Angie forgave him for running off and leaving her 20 years ago to be with another woman and create another family; she can forgive this. I would hate for it [Jesse and Angie's marriage] to end because of this. Initially I think she will be very upset, but I think she will understand and realize he did all of it out of love and his heart was in the right place."

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