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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Patrick’s annoyed at the medical cases Robin assigned him, but she reminds him that it’s her call as the new chief of staff. Robin's ultimate goal is for things to run efficiently.  She wants Matt and Dr. Maruchi to improve; therefore Patrick will no longer be hogging all the best cases. She’s going to spread the wealth around.  Patrick brings up the fact that he has a perfect track record, and she wonders if he’s afraid of being shown up. 

Siobhan explains that Liz is lying and manipulating Lucky. She believes that Liz gave her the wrong drug on purpose, but Lucky assures her that Liz is not that type of person.  Lucky blames himself for setting the fire, but Siobhan feels it was an accident and continues to point the finger at Liz.  She feels Lucky always defends Liz, because he sees her as an innocent victim.  Lucky wonders what it will take to stop the lawsuit.

Lucky says he only wants to co-parent with Liz.  Siobhan assures Lucky that she’s not a jealous wife, nor is she threatened that he’s now Aiden’s father.  He asks what a lawsuit will do to the kids and wants her to let it go.  Siobhan knows Lucky is still grieving and feels Liz is using his grief.  Lucky assures her that they’re both moving on, but Siobhan points out that Liz isn’t, which is why she ordered a third test.  Lucky feels the mistake was made out of grief and she’s forcing him to defend Liz.  Siobhan agrees to drop the lawsuit. 

Liz runs into Steve at the hospital.  She’s upset by what she overheard Lush saying about her; she and Lucky will never be together again.  Steve tells her to keep her distance and go home. 

Sonny feels Brenda will come through for him on the stand, but Jason points out there is danger around them.  Sonny wants him to put that aside, because Jax doesn’t care, he just wants to win.  Sonny feels there’s nothing to worry about with Brenda, since there was no police record of the shooting. 

Brenda explains to the judge that the shooting happened very quickly, but the judge wants to see a police report, which Brenda doesn’t have because it wasn’t reported.  The judge asks her whether Sonny is a danger to Josslyn, but Brenda defends Sonny, saying he puts his children first and would give his life for a child. She goes on to state that he doesn’t spend enough time with Carly to be a danger to Josslyn. 

Brenda tells Jason why she testified. She refused to lie to the judge, but Jason wonders if she was really trying to get to Carly.

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The judge questions Sonny, who claims he’s on good terms with Carly and they are good parents to the boys.  The judge asks if children have been harmed by being around him, but Sonny says kids safety is his first priority and he would never harm a child.  The judge mentions the shooting on Brenda and asks if any child has been shot.  Carly yells at the judge to stop.

She asked that they not be forced to relive Michael’s shooting.  The judge’s only concern is Josslyn.  Carly admits that bad things have happened, but Jax knew that when he married and had a baby with her.  Carly says she’s always wanted to share custody, and will do everything to keep Josslyn safe.  Jax points out that despite her words, Carly has not cut ties to the violent men in her life.  The judge has seen enough to make a decision.

Robin drops off some of Emma’s old toys to Liz for Aiden and tells her about the chief of staff position.  Liz is happy for her, but Robin explains that she’s ruffled some feathers with Patrick. Liz wishes she could be there to see it.  Robin says no one believes Liz is capable of murder and Liz appreciates that.  Liz admits to lying, but would never harm a person.  She says she wants Lucky to be happy, but wants it to be with her.  Robin feels the Lush marriage won’t last, since it was a green card marriage. Robin also thinks Siobhan is jealous of Liz. Liz admits she’ll always love Lucky. 

Sonny realizes the judge did his homework and knew all about Sonny.  Carly says the damage was done by the mediator and explains that she only met once with the woman. The mediator never visited the home or met with Josslyn.  Carly figures Jax paid off the mediator.  Sonny tells Jason to take Carly home, but Carly wants to know what he’s planning.  He assures her he’s going to make things right. 

Lucky runs into Patrick and tells him the lawsuit has been dropped, which thrills Patrick.  He’s sorry for not seeing that Liz wasn’t ready to get back to work.  Patrick feels the Lush marriage must mean a lot to Siobhan for her to drop the suit and knows this means they can all move on now.  Lucky points out that when you lose a child, there’s no moving on.  Patrick says he has another son to raise and that it must have been hard for Nik to hear the truth. Lucky acknowledges that Nikolas did what was best for Aiden. 

Brenda goes to Jax to see how Sonny’s testimony went.  Jax tells her the judge will make his ruling and he’s glad she told the truth.  Brenda knows that she and Sonny will likely argue about what she said and justifies the shooting as a minor danger. However, Jax points out that men shooting at you is dangerous, and that she and Alec could have been killed.  He’s happy because he thinks he’ll win and Josslyn will be safe.  Brenda says she feels Carly is unstable, but she’s always felt unloved growing up without a mother and wonders if Josslyn will feel that.  Jax assures her he’s not taking Josslyn away, just keeping her safe.   

Patrick tells Robin the suit is dropped and she’s glad they can get back to running the hospital.  Patrick thought Steve would be reinstated, but Robin says Steve is happy now. She informs her husband that she knows how to deal with large egos and he’s going to need to learn to share.

Lucky tells Liz about the suit being dropped and Liz is glad that the whole hospital doesn’t have to pay for her mistake.  She feels they need time to heal. 

Jason takes Carly to the penthouse, but she’s worried that Jax has won. She's also concerned that whatever Sonny has planned could make things worse.  Carly wants to take Josslyn and run, but Jason tells her to trust Sonny to handle things.

Sonny runs into Grace, the mediator, and tells her that he knows she took money from Jax. He mentions that if the right people found out, she could lose her license, career and possibly end up prison.  Grace admits she needed the money and wonders what he wants from her.