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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Taylor Get Revenge on Stephanie?

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Ridge/Brooke: The lovebirds bask in being reunited.

Taylor: Doc is all torn up about Ridge ditching her and the lies Thomas and Stephanie concocted. Dollar Bill approaches Taylor with an opportunity to get revenge on Ridge. Taylor puts the brakes on Thomas giving back the Forrester Creation shares to La Forrester. Dr. Hayes is hell bent on protecting her son's legacy. Later, Taylor is shocked when she finds Bill in Steffy's bedroom.

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Ridge: The chiseled one eyes the shares his mother gave up. Ridge tells Stephanie what to do in order to set things right.

Thomas/Hope/Steffy: Ms. Logan lays into her stepbrother for the lies he told on her mother. Hope also hoe-checks Steffy.

Steffy/Bill/Katie: Dollar Bill and the Forrester hellcat profess their love for one another. Unfortunately for the two, Liam busts them and wants answers! Meanwhile, Katie has Karen arrive in L.A. a day earlier than the Spencer Publication board meeting to witness Katie and Bill renewing their vows.