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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Victor Makes Shocking Moves!



She's stunned when she sees Ronan in Genoa City

Ashley: Her behavior starts to become cause for concern.

Adam/Sharon/Sam/Victor: The black sheep Newman is thrown for a loop when he discovers Sharon has a new man in her life. Adam decides revenge is key.

Meanwhile, Sharon tells Sam to head home since she's no good for him and is looking at hard time. Later, Victor meets Sam and encourages him to stay in town and stand by Sharon. Victor isn't doing this for altruistic reasons kids; his main goal is to stick it to Adam through Sharon.

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Nikki: The socialite arrives in Genoa City fresh from rehab to be enthralled with Billy and Victoria's drama.

Noah: Poor guy is gobsmacked by Adam's falsehoods.

Jill: Colin and Genevieve baffle her.

Billy/Chloe: The fashionista's damning testimony hurts the Abbott playboy's custody case for Delia. Rafe wants to go IN on Chloe by using her shady past, but Billy nixes the idea. Even though Chloe is playing dirty, he doesn't want to do that to his daughter's mother. All isn't lost for Billy when Victoria takes the stand and gives a glowing testimony. Watch for a stunning witness to turn Billy and Chloe's custody case on its axis. Also, Victor plays a key role in all of this. The Black Knight sets his son-in-law up with a hooker, only to have him arrested.

Diane: Ms. Jenkins snitches on Adam.

Lily: Mrs. Ashby is flabbergasted by Sofia creeping on Malcolm with Neil.

Kay: The grand dame has a showdown with her namesake, Chloe.

Jabot Party: The cosmetics company's party has a night attendants will never forget.