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All My Children Webisoap to Debut Sept. 26; Susan Lucci Reportedly Staying!

Prospect Park is wasting no time in transitioning All My Children to the web. TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting the sudser's online version is set to debut September 26, and that Susan Lucci will likely continue on as the iconic Erica Kane!


Word is, the production company intends to waste no time — or lose any momentum — and will launch the reimagined AMC on Monday, September 26, just three days after the soap ends its network run. There's also highly reliable buzz — unconfirmed by Prospect Park — that Susan Lucci has agreed to move on with the show, though to what extent she'll participate or for how long isn't clear. Most (if not all) of the soap's other top stars have yet to enter negotiations.

Logan goes on to report Prospect Park plans to keep Julie Hanan Caruthers and Lorraine Broderick on as executive producer and head writer respectively. I think this is a good move — especially the Broderick part. As for Hanan Caruthers(sigh), while I've given her a hard time for allegedly not being able to bring the show in under budget in New York or LA, with the serial planning such a quick move to the web, this really isn't the time to be bringing in a new showrunner.

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Additionally, I hear for all her reported budgetary faults, the cast and crew of AMC love their boss, so keeping Hanan Caruthers on just may boost morale. Besides, I am fairly certain the people at Prospect Park are going to keep close watch over their new licensees financials. The revolution will be webivised!