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Debbi Morgan on Drucilla Recast Rumors: "I Wouldn't Even Attempt to Go There"

The fabulous Debbi Morgan took to her official website to discuss her new gig at The Young and the Restless. While the exiting All My Children legend isn't saying who she will be portraying in Genoa City come September, she's definitely setting the record straight on who's chapeaux she won't be filling, that of her real-life pal and Eve's Bayou costar Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla)!


As we get closer to my joining the show, which won't be until September, I will fill you in on who and what my new character is. But for those who have speculated about the possibilty of my taking over the role of the ex- 'Drucilla Winters', played by the wonderfully talented Victoria Rowell, I can tell you absolutely not!...No way...No how! Ms. Rowell has put her stamp on the role of Drucilla, and I know her fans would be outraged to see me, or any other actress, come in and try to take her place. I wouldn't even attempt to go there. As far as I'm concerned, Victoria Rowell is simply irreplaceable as 'Drucilla."

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This reminds me of a line in one of my favorie movies, Soul Food, when Maxine (Vivica A. Fox) tells Bird (Nia Long), "You my sistah, girl!"

Thanks @kendallslater for the tip via Twitter!